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Intel 10400F H510 RTX3060 BareBones System £610.10 at Fierce PC

Posted 18th May 2022

This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

Following deal has a RTX3060 £100 Cheaper then RTX3060 and u do hear me correctly, not the TI model

Another Bare Bones Spec +Ram.

But u can build up Accordingly ....

CPU: 10400F
Motherboard: H510
Ram: 2x8 3000mhz
Case: Cit Crossfire or MSI Forge
PSU: CV550W Corsair.
Graphics: RTX 3060
Store: Removed
O/S: Removed.

price: £610.10

How to obtain:

Open the link from hotukdeals and ignore straight away whats inside of it, go into the cpu drop down and knock it straight down to 10400F at -£100, then go into the motherboard section and knock down to H510 at -£50, then remove the 2tb store drive at -£49.95 amd then remove the O/S at £49.95

you can pick between the CIT Crossfire or the MSI Forge for the same cost.

Your onscreen price with these changes on site and detailed in this post is £610.10

You can do the windows yourself and add in your own drive!.

SN570 500GB 43.19 = 653.29
SN570 1TB £69.99 = 680.09

Upgrades from my post:

+20 Intel 11400F
+50 for the Z590 (should u wish to later for for a K CPU!)
+10 for the MSI 650W Bronze(3060TI), then +40 for the NZXT GOLD then onto TXM850w +80
+49.95 for the windows O/S should it be of interest.
+39.90 (not default) 500GB Msi Spatium.
+80/90 for the RTX3060TI Model.
+10 for 3200mhz +20 for RGB 3200mhz and +30 for RGB 3600mhz Ram(pointless for the spec board Z yes.)
+20 for the corsair 4000D
+30 for the hyper 212 Cooler over stock


10400F £610.10 (this link)
11400F £630.10 (this link)
12100F £670.10 (B660)
12400F £730.10 (B660)
12600K £840.10 (B660)
12600K £940.10 (Z690) (+20 for wifi board)
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