Unfortunately, this deal is no longer available

Intel 12100F Asrock B660 RTX3060 BareBones System or higher from £670.10 at Fierce PC

Posted 18th May 2022

This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

CPU: 12100F
Motherboard: Asrock
Graphics: RTX3060
PSU: 650W Gamemax Or Corsair CV550
Case: Cir CrossFire
Ram: 2x8 3000mhz
O/s: None.
Storage: None

Price: £670.10

By opening the link:

RTX3060 -> RTX3060 at -£100
H610 --> B660 Arock at -£0
Windows 10 -> No windows at -£49.95
2TB harddrive -> None -49.95
500GB Storage -> No Storage. -39.95

When u get the link down to this low:

  • ADD your own Storage Or add in the 500GB MSI Spatium(not default)
  • 12400F at +60
  • 12600K at +170 & Z690 +100
  • Msi Forge at +0 or Corsair 4000X at £20
  • upgrade your CPU cooler with onsite options.
  • 3060Ti at +80/90
  • Higher Variants of PSU Options.
  • Windows 10 at £49.95

SN570 500GB 43.19 = 713.29
SN570 1TB £69.99 = 740.09

Add a 3060TI to either of that combo with manual adding own storage for example is

793.29 / 820.09

and then if u desire the 12400F 60: (id go 3060Ti before 12400F personal to tbh)

853.29 / 880.09

And then id add in a HYPER COOLER 212 at 30.00 or the pulse AIO at £60

And then from this point id increase the Ram:

+10 to 3200mhz +20 for RGB 3200 and then +30 for RGB 3600mhz.

And then also look at upgrading the psu to NZXT Gold 650W at +40 before then hitting the TXM850 at +60

So on this post u can make a right budget spec 12th generation intel deal all the way to a nice premium one, even got a nice price on a 5000X for a very nice 12600K / 3060TI / Z690 package and then later upgrading beyond this gpu laters on, still a good margin on this for the RTX3070 so id personal skip that atm and hold on to the 3060TI for this range.
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