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INTEL 13400F + RTX 4070 TI + 16GB + 750W GOLD + 1TB GEN4 Gaming System - £1,541.39 (With Code) @ AWD-IT

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About this deal

MSI MAG Forge M100R Gaming Case
MSI B660M-P WIFI Micro ATX Motherboard (non wifi board available on site)
Intel Core i5 13400F 10 Core 16 Thread 4.6GHz Turbo
Arctic Alpine 12 Compact CPU Cooler (see below)... (way below) (keep going...) (and abit more...)
Zotac Nvidia GeForce RTX 4070 Ti 12GB GDDR6X
Adata 16GB (2x8GB) 3200Mhz DDR4 Memory +£1.66
Gigabyte P750GM 750W Gold Rated PSU
Western Digital SN770 1TB NVME M.2 PCIe GEN 4 SSD - Read 5150MB/s , Write 4900MB/s

Price: £1541.39 (BBURGER)

Previously / Yesterday post.

There is no Question that the 12400F/4070Ti is an incredible value at £1379.99 on yesterday post by palicomp

1) "the valuation they are doing on the 12400F -> Exceptional!
- They have clearly got an exceptional "end of line clearance on 12400F" and passing it on.

But everyone keeps asking me about this 13400F so here we are.

For combination it is far better then scan version of 13400f/4070Ti.

1) Cheaper by £60 + Better case + With a better board as they are stuck on H610, Scan does have 3600mhz ram on a 3200mhz limit board..

What ive done is put the AWD version into Palicomp stats.

What we got is £1541.39 13400F VS £1379.99 12400F

Firstly the price gap of the CPU's "retail" £45 Difference, but what we need to do is throw retail price though the window, these are not retail stock, they are OEM produced Stock, I5 by builders are not retail stock.

One is old, One is new. in OEM terms there is not £45... palicomp has a super rate on the OEM stock and is passing it on to the consumer and u can see that when u compare there "retail stock 12600K and co aspects"

which are still outstanding comparable to other builders, but 12400F is the gold mine.

They all have access to that pool, shows u who is passing the saving on then when u compare the entire web with that access, So in effect that does give more brownie points for palicomp same goes for AWD on their AMD lines, each has deals.

However Times have changed and that is the key to this post.

12400F is a 6Core 12Thread (typical enough for most standard users though)
13400F is a 10Core 16Thread.

We cant compare the two.

But what we can do: is compare 12600K 10Core 16Thread (palicomp) VS 13400F 10Core 16Thread (AWD)
and doing so on the palicomp one we have:

INTEL i5 12600K - 10 Cores 16 Thread (repeat to myself it is K. (Mr clouds check)
ADATA 16GB DDR4 3200Mhz
ASUS B660M WIFI Motherboard
WD 1TB SN770 M.2 nVME GEN4
MICROSOFT Windows 10/11


Price: 1525.99

Which is best CPU: Will depend on the final consumer.
And what if we take both to that CORSAIR 32GB 3600mhz ram

AWD-IT 1611.39
Palicomp £1625.99

Palicomp does have windows active, and AWD-IT Unactive = who cares

Which is better 12600K VS 13400F: This is where u go onto YouTube and research urself.
"ill happy find u the deals, But u research what u desire right.".

"13400F review" is the search, off u pop. its not hard to do a little research..

Obvious ive tried to give Base to Base, one vs one info and u can deside on the CPU.

Each of you custom buyers will tailor make each one, Perhaps there is a cooler on the Palicomp u like.
and the AWD-IT only has some 120MM AIO.

However on the AWD u can do my back door trick, add any from the main site u feel u desire and add to basket and then email: CS@AWD-IT.co.ukor place ur order over the phone.

with the AWD-IT u can drop the wifi board go for the non wifi board.
You have options on SN850 and SN850X.

but on the PALICOMP u got access to 13600K under Z690 if u desire, (on AWD-IT = phone call)

"if u ever do phone call request always do them on a deal, no point doing a fresh build or changes on a rubbish build.

PHONE CALL - Can never promise anything, but god loves a tryer right?

Lets take a look at AWD-IT

Two items just for information and u can use it for the alt items:

13400F is £214.99
MSI PRO B660M-P WIFI 114.99

Total price of hmm.. £329.98

what u can do is look on site at their other range of CPUs.

sometimes its easier to click on: uk.pcpartpicker.com/list/
Click on CPU , then u have list of CPU's

Then click on the MERCHANTS section on the side and click on AWD-IT and u can see all the CPU they have instock, and then use the other ones to check intel only.

so u can see the full range of prices, and then once u selected that cpu. u can click on it and see how it stacks for all sellers, but then click add to main list, and then into the motherboard section of: uk.pcpartpicker.com/list/
which then will still show u AWD-IT as u choosen it, range of Motherboard, so u can check out their DDR5 DDR4 ATX Z690 and whatever.

if u are moving to DDR5 work out the gap, from base of £45 3200mhz on my defaults for DDR5 board,

so u can bundle some data into your head what u need pitch for on the phone call.

key is being one step ahead of the game.
AWD-IT More details at AWD-IT
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  1. Avatar
    What are your predictions on pricing for mid feb?
    Looking at buying for my son for his birthday in march.
    Do i bite now or bide my time?
    Btw, already bought 2 of the deals you posted last year so your opinion is highly regarded.
    Some areas Worse.
    some areas Better.

    if we look at blk... i had some fantastic deals on blk, and i cant cover that area right now.

    because i try and cover a huge area of interest, there is going to be areas dead once they have sold.
    and areas which over time will improve.

    3070 by palicomp has been around the block few months, obvious cracking deal with 12400F/3070 combination with one of their partners.

    i see perhaps 3060Ti having some improvements

    AMD low end cards possible one or two but once they gone its going to be dead.
    awd 6800 is dead. ive asked. its dead. and that was a good deal.

    and then u have the high price theme builders with lower cards, there going to drop because there is enough sheep buying em. (sorry to be rude.)

    scan uk is making record sales, and look at their prebuilt price still. (edited)
  2. Avatar
    I just paid 1300 for a 4080 lol
    Did u not see the Gamerock £1099.99? by awd. expired now.
    everyone dissed it with the 7900XTX inbound, but look what happened there.
  3. Avatar

    ^£$%£% ME!
    i have just run over my own toes with my own chair.

    - that hurts.
    That's gotta hurt, happened to me once cried my eyes out painful. Hope you get better buddy.

    What build would you recommend for a content creator 4k video editing under £1000 or £1500, thank you in advance.
  4. Avatar
    Great job again, trouble is now there’s to many choices
  5. Avatar
    Thank you for your detailed analysis in every of your posts!
  6. Avatar
    Sarden great work. You recommended Sarden been awaiting your deals. I’m looking for my first gaming PC would you recommend this build then from AWD? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    I was looking to go and build myself but is this better with the components. And it’s within the budget I wanted to spend. I would be using it for gaming only. COD, fortnight, Minecraft, maybe forza. Not looking for amazing FPS but something worthwhile within my budget. Thanks

    Yeah i know it well man, nice build for sub £600.00

    personal id top the CPU upto 5500 if u had the cash, but if not then its not worth -gpu to cpu on other things, after all its got the fantastic AMD 6600 into it.

    update: i can beat it elsewhere, i will upload it (edited)
  7. Avatar
    All these deals lately, starting to regret jumping on a £850 3060 deal you posted back in April, even if it does do everything I need it for!
    Wouldn’t worry. 4070ti still overpriced.
  8. Avatar
  9. Avatar
    Couldn't you build a better pc at that price?