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Intel Arc A770 16GB Graphics Card - £359.99 + £3.49 delivery @ Ebuyer

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£ 359.99 inc. vat Save £49.99

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Based on the Xe HPG microarchitecture and designed to handle the graphical demands of 1440p gaming, the Intel Arc A770 Limited Edition Graphics Card brings the power of raytracing and upscaling to your PC games. The GPU features 16GB of GDDR6 VRAM and a 256-bit memory interface, offering performance and power efficiency.

The Intel Arc A770 graphics card features Xe Super Sampling (XeSS), which is AI-enhanced upscaling powered by hardware acceleration. Enjoy high-res visuals with added performance. Pair your Intel Arc A770 with a select Intel Core processor to take full advantage of Intel Deep Link technology, which provides performance and efficiency across a wide variety of workloads.

The front panel of the card features a variety of outputs, such as DisplayPort 2.0 and HDMI 2.1. For cooling, Intel implemented dual fans, which maximize downwards airflow and air dispersion to the heat sink below them. There is also RGB backlighting.

Xe Super Sampling (XeSS)
Take your gaming experience to the next level with AI-enhanced XeSS upscaling. Revel in high-definition visuals, powered by hardware acceleration and an AI-based algorithm. Designed with gamers in mind, XeSS is unlocked to work on widely available hardware.

AV1 Video Codec
The Intel Arc A-Series graphics card supports hardware-accelerated encoding for AV1, the next-gen, royalty-free video codec. With the largest online video platforms adopting AV1 as the future of video, be ready to create, stream, share, and consume high quality AV1 content, up to 8K resolution, with high performance and efficiency.

Intel Deep Link
Harness the power of Intel CPUs and GPUs for performance and efficiency with Intel Deep Link technology. Pair a select Intel Core processor (sold separately) with an Intel Arc A-Series graphics card, and reap the benefits enabled by Intel Deep Link technology across a variety of workloads.

Hyper Compute
Stay ahead of the curve and equip yourself for the future of multi-GPU content creation with Hyper Compute. Accelerate video and image workloads even quicker by intelligently leveraging multiple compute engines as well as AI accelerators, such as XMX engines, found exclusively on Intel Deep Link compatible systems.

Hyper Encode
With Hyper Encode, spend less time waiting for your project to export and maximize your creative momentum. It's all made possible by the multiple media engines found on the Intel Core processor and Intel Arc graphics working in conjunction inside your system.

Stream Assist
With Stream Assist, get optimized gaming performance from Intel Arc graphics by offloading heavy streaming workloads to secondary engines in your system. Free up your dedicated graphics to push out max frame rates, while offloading streaming and capturing tasks such as Virtual Green Screen, Auto-Frame, Sharp Stream, and Auto Game Highlights to Intel integrated graphics on Intel Deep Link compatible systems.

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  1. Winter98's avatar
    just been listening to a podcast talking about mesa 22.2+ and kernel 6.2 for linux having ARC compatibility but performance still sounded non stellar. Anyone used these cards and have thoughts how they compare to nvidia / amd at this price point ?
  2. Solee's avatar
    Deep down rooting for Intel as having a 3rd competitor in the GPU space can only be a good thing. They're doing well with support and improving the drivers.

    At this price though you might as well get a 6700xt, more mature drivers and not beta testing a gen 1 product.
  3. z0mbi3's avatar
    I have this card. Excellent performance in Hogwarts and CoD.

    Other gamess that performed well for me: Death Stranding, MGSV, emulators supporting Vulkan fly.

    Not exhaustive, but if you go in with both eyes open there is fun to be had here.
    moshispam's avatar
    Do you play Fortnite? Any real world stats for that please? What's your target FPS and Res?
  4. david25uk's avatar
    Your electricity bill might go up a lot

    49688642-9SaBj.jpg (edited)
    Vomit's avatar
    Wow that's some terrible idle power usage! Is the review up to date? I imagine that's the kind of thing that can be improved as their drivers progress.
  5. Darkle's avatar
    Nice find, double the VRAM compared to the other deal posted earlier for the same price.

    16GB is more likely to last than 8 at this point, game devs seem to be really eating up the VRAM these days.
    nofuture2020's avatar
    The performance difference is not noteworthy though since the driver updates have been coming in. The 8gb card is almost the same in FPS in a lot of games and a lot cheaper.
  6. balvi's avatar
    £300 and would consider buy not more than that, given you are a beta tester but still good to have 3rd player. hope battlemage do well if not cancelled, hope not/.
    Una's avatar
    If nobody buys.. We won't have a 3rd competitor
  7. londonstinks's avatar
    Really bad pricing. Intel goofed.

    Just checked a review with new drivers. My 3060Ti that I paid £369 for 2 years ago whoops this card.

    What are they thinking with this pricing? (edited)
    fishmaster's avatar
    This does have 16GB VRAM. Maybe that will be more useful as the card ages or not. I'm not massively into graphics cards anymore so someone else can tell us how much that really matters.
  8. jamie19916's avatar
    Why would anyone buy this over a rx6700xt at similar price?

    And even if you want intel the a750 is recommended everywhere over this as its £100 less or 33%; but not 33% slower.
    Boggles me why this is hot at all.
    fishmaster's avatar
    It's better at ray tracing than AMD's high end cards >


    Intel and AMD are both absolute rubbish at AI/Machine learning and also DLSS alternative technologies. So if you want those get Nvidia. Nvidia is the best all rounder still. Bit clownly on the RTX 4070Ti / 4080 pricing though. (edited)
  9. hardwax's avatar
    Intel make graphics cards ? !
    Maybe_Tomorrow's avatar
    Yes this is first generation, alot of problems with drivers and older direct X issues but maybe over time they will iron it out (edited)
  10. HangTime's avatar
    Would like to try one of these, but it's too much money just for a play around. in theory it is supposed to be a 3070 competitor but I expect the drivers let it down.
    nofuture2020's avatar
    It's closer to a 6600/3060 I think but it does out perform them in some games
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