Intel Core 2 Duo E8400 LGA775 'Wolfdale' 3.00GHz (1333FSB) - Retail

Intel Core 2 Duo E8400 LGA775 'Wolfdale' 3.00GHz (1333FSB) - Retail


I paid £139.95 (delivered) from Novatech about one week ago - not a bargain, nor a rip off...but excellent service nevertheless.

By the way...this processor rocks!

If your not sure why post?.
Simply googling your title produces 3 links of retailers selling this processorr at under £140:roll:

This is available for £129.19 (plus delivery) here:…400. I bought this from them about 4 weeks ago and was very pleased with the service. The website seems a bit dodgy with the "normally in stock" statements, but someone picks up the phone straight away when you phone them in my experience.

Agree with Spank - this is an excellent processor!


Tempted to buy an E8400 from Aria and Ebay my E4500!

Thats gotta be erm, 3900 more E's for £60, bargain.

They had loads in at ebuyer today, picked one up for £132ish delivered.

£126.60 at BTshop delivered

what a tool £200+ id love to be his pc retailer 1gb ram £100. ive been reading in micromart this week that they have tested the e8200 and rekon a 4ghz overclock shold be easy so will be making the jump from my E4400 which has serverd me proud at 2.8ghz for ages now im a little pissed this week after buying an Abit IP35-PRO taking all my asus P5N to bits only to find out that the abit is faulty and having to put it all back together again.

Will no way be buying anything from aria wost company ive ever dealt with 2 thing bought 2 things faulty 1st i had to get the credit card company invoved as they said they didnt recive it back which they did signed for at there end sent by their company citylink on there request. 2nd 10 weeks to refund some faulty ram that they had agreed was faulty on week 1. Scan or Ebuyer evertime if theres issues they are sorted quickly with least amount of hasstle to the customer

What a OCUK joke £70 more expensive than anybody else - then wait till you see the £8 or £9 delivery charge ... Is he harving a larf??

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Sorry, I didn't mean this as a serious deal.. was just astonished by how high they'd put the price up over the past two weeks, from 129 to 205, then banned users from discussing the price on their forums.

Hope someone found some in stock from the other posts

Google ''E8400 temperature problems'', or look on the hexus forums for the problems relating to this chip. And I can confirm, having one myself, that there is indeed a problem.

I had it sitting at 4ghz on air stable, but because of temperature fault its impossible to tell if your doing any
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