Intel Core i3/i5 Mini ITX bundles with a FREE £65 case @ OCUK - £274.55

Intel Core i3/i5 Mini ITX bundles with a FREE £65 case @ OCUK - £274.55

Found 19th Mar 2015
With this bundle you get a mitx board, cpu, RAM, CPU cooler and to top it off you get a FREE case worth £65

You can choose the higher end model too if you like, but this is a good starting point for a decent PC. Only need a PSU and a HDD to have a fully working PC.

Case is a Bitfenix Colossus Mini-ITX in black - arstar
- Arstar
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great deal. nice find. if I wasent saving for a new Sony w8 I would buy this.
great deal
G3258 is a better value CPU here at half the price I would say:…350…433

You would be able to overclock it on this board too (with a recent BIOS update) up to a limit of what 1.2Volts allows on the individual chip. A member on here had theirs clocked to 4.5Ghz on an H motherboard.

I could do the maths inc the free case, use an average of a 10% discount on buying parts individually via Bespoke Offers and Flubit and see if it works out cheaper that way... but can't be bothered myself. But hey, if you're interested in buying then you might want to do that

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cheaper to build yourself check the cost of the parts so very cold free case is it really free

G3258 is what i am buying this week better chip at a cheaper price
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As a g3258 owner in my second pc I would be careful if you are using it for gaming as there are games that still won't work with it.
It's decent for anybody who isn't good with computer building but if you buy the parts separately for the i3 they cost: £232.92 which is a bit cheaper than £264.95.

The i5 bundle comes up to £347.96 separately so that is a saving of £17.97. Saying that, these computers do come pre-installed and all you need to do is stick a PSU in the machine to have it up and running! I'd always build my own, they're very easy to do so!
where is that tin of spam
Another thing is that heat sink is probably completely unnecessary.

Another thing is that heat sink is probably completely unnecessary.

Very True
The frustration with bundles is you're stuck with what the deal comes with. That's an 'older' Haswell i3 and there is absolutely nothing wrong with it (I'll get to the except, in a minute; its 'Haswell refresh' 'replacement' is £24 cheaper), it has a slightly larger L3 cache than the newer i3 4160 and it features HD 4600 graphics over the HD 4160 model's HD 4400, though neither matter much to someone who is going to fit a graphics card to play games, which isn't all of us. Both CPUs run at 3.6 GHz and, using a weighted average of the benchmarks between them, their performance is very close. So, if you're building your own, chances are you might opt for the newer i3 4160 CPU, which retails for around £91, though it has been less, as against the perfectly good i3 4330 which retails for around £115 on Amazon. As a PC builder, new or experienced, that's not an insignificant saving, especially if the slightly better HD 4600 integrated graphics part is of no particular interest to you because you're buying a gaming graphics card. So then you look at the motherboard and ask is this the one you want, etc, blah-blah.

Getting back on topic.

I make it £247.01 for parts inc shipping (including the CPU cooler but that's without 'free' case, and I am not dissing the case, just that I'm not seeing how it's 'free'), and just using Amazon uk alone. If you don't already have a case, don't want to dumpster dive outside local businesses for one or pick up a boring looking used one for a tenner, this isn't such a bad deal. I'm not here to dis this deal. If you want those particular components, that particular motherboard, and if the case is as pictured, a BitFenix Colossus M Mini ITX, which Amazon have for £56.95, the deal is a pretty good one.

Edit - As someone mentioned above, you could leave out the slightly strange inclusion of a third party CPU cooler, which retails for around £21. I don't know the case fan situation with that case but the third party CPU cooler will be a little cooler and quieter than an otherwise perfectly decent stock Intel cooler that comes with the retail box versions of the i3 4330 and cheaper i3 4160.
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I think the wool over the eyes comes into play here with this deal
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