INTEL CORE I7-950 - 3.06 GHZ - 8 MB L3 CACHE - LGA 1366 SOCKET (BOXED VERSION) £217 at Pixmania
INTEL CORE I7-950 - 3.06 GHZ - 8 MB L3 CACHE - LGA 1366 SOCKET (BOXED VERSION) £217 at Pixmania

INTEL CORE I7-950 - 3.06 GHZ - 8 MB L3 CACHE - LGA 1366 SOCKET (BOXED VERSION) £217 at Pixmania

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The Core i7-950 uses Hyper-Threading technology to improve performances for all your digital leisure activities by up to 40%.

It also makes light work of multitasking, and it's 25% faster than processors from the previous generation.

Step into a new era with the Core i7-950!


will this become cheaper when Sandy Bridge comes out? I think Sandy Bridge is coming out in the 1st week of January and is going to be priced around the same sort of price as the current i7/1366 stuff. I was going to get a i7 950 and 1366 motherboard, but I heard its best to wait, unfortunelty though I've already bought 6gb of triple memory ram (3x2gb) and I heard sandy bridge takes dual ram.

btw I didnt vote on the deal yet

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Yea good call JG213.

Just been looking up Sandy bridge as i was not aware.


Seems the prices are going to be around the same so should bring everything down in theory.. Guess it just a waiting game now to see what happens.


Good price so hot, but i'm holding on for Sandy bridge, i can see these dropping a bit more but thanks for the post.

£212.65 delivered on Scan today only with a free fan controller thing. Pixmania can be dodgy if there is a problem too.

are these Sandy Bridge ones defo out start of January? Need a processor to complete my custom build and have been looking at the I7's, will hold off buying one if the price is likely to drop.

Any idea how much they may drop by?

Thanks for heads up jg213
I was waiting for a sandy bridge, but have recently been checking almost on a daily basis hoping for the i7 950 to drop below £200 due to my own impatience.

As far as I'm aware though, the Sandy Bridge processors will be announced on 5 January at the Consumer Electronics Show, and then available shortly afterwards.

The price for the i7 2600K will be $317 or £245. Plus I'd assume that some of our favourite retailers will adjust the price a little to stay ahead of the competition and paying around that much for a top-end processor will be well worth it.

I'm going to hold off buying a processor until end of Jan (unless an unmissable deal appears on here). Also got my fingers crossed on Play honouring my order of 16GB RAM for £100 which will run as dual-channel RAM with the Sandy Bridge
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