Intel KHD2 HSRP 350 Server Case with 300W PSU @ Scan - £34.83 delivered
Intel KHD2 HSRP 350 Server Case with 300W PSU @ Scan - £34.83 delivered

Intel KHD2 HSRP 350 Server Case with 300W PSU @ Scan - £34.83 delivered

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Will be £22.99 for those with free delivery option.

Quality server case with 300W PSU.

Not for everyone but at this price is is a bargain for those looking to build a server.

Have to order from today only page "listed in super savers" to get this price.

Usually £67.03 delivered.


If you are building a server based on an intel server motherboard then you should be fine. It uses a special ide ribbon style connection for the front panel connectors. This means that for many motherboards you won't be able to connect the power button, hdd led, reset switch, etc.

It's just a bit too large to be used as a home server. Good deal though.

My god, Scan still have stock of this c**p? Save your hard-earned and avoid.
They were only asking £11.74 though last year.

For anyone with money to burn this may help:

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If you have a look at the Hexus forums you will see that the delivered spec varied quite a bit. Some got dual redundant PSUs and all fans populated, some got just what was listed.

People had mixed success with this but some got everything working OK.

Personally I agree, its too big for home and out of date for datacenters but it is CHEAP and is probably worth nearly the asking price as scrap metal alone . :whistling:

I got this last year when it was about £12 or something. Absolute bargain if you know what you're buying!

I got the whole lots, dual PSU's, fans, 100's of screws, 5 bay hot swap SCSI...really, you definatley couldn't make it for £12! £35 is a bit steep though considering it's age...nothing new will fit and as mentioned, power, reset etc buttons won't work on modern boards.

I bought one of these very cheaply last year, and I never got the front panel connected up. It's a very nicely made bit of scrap, really. I also got the twin PSUs, loads of fans etc.


I modded one of these when they had them on offer last year to make a nice server for "specialised" video

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