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£100 off Gaming NUCs and Laptops with Intel Gamer Day - E.G NUC 9 Extreme i9-9980HK / 8GB RAM / 128GB M.2 SSD £1279 via Intel Store
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Posted 31st AugPosted 31st Aug
£100 off and free shipping on high end gaming NUCs and laptops with Intel Gamer Days. Includes the new i9 Ghost Canyon. Expires 6th Sept

It's an interesting product, but far too expensive. You could build a better ITX system of the same size in a case like the Velka 5, complete with a fairly high end graphics card, for less. With the benefit of easy upgrading without having to buy an entire new overpriced module that only fits in the NUC.


with so many good deals that one is so bad.


John Hammond : Donald, Donald... This park was not built to cater only for the super-rich. Everyone in the world has the right to enjoy these NUCs. Donald Gennaro : Sure, they will. Well, we’ll have a, a coupon day or something.8)


Intel® UHD Graphics 630.... £1000+ Ouch.


an i9 with 8gb of ram seems like a bit of a miss match

Ring of Elysium Founder's Bundle Giveaway
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Posted 20th Dec 2018Posted 20th Dec 2018
Ring of Elysium Founder's Bundle Giveaway
Just seen this on my emails, sign in create a tweet then get emailed the founders code to activate details on site and in email. We’re giving away exclusive bundles - the limited … Read more
Get deal*Get deal*

Still working. Anybody need some friends for this game? All mine won't leave PUBG


Well I just got the email and claimed, so some left.


Claimed just now so the giveaway is still available. Thank you!


Thanks, may as well


This game looked great until I found out it was a battle royale game.

Intel subscribers FREE GAME E-mail
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Posted 12th Dec 2018Posted 12th Dec 2018
Intel subscribers FREE GAME E-mail
I didn't realize I subscribed to Intel, think I entered a pc competition so worth a check. Went into promotion folder. Choice of free game until 16th Dec.

Is it the same webpage for everyone or a custom code/link?


It's working now :)


Someone posted this on reddit Free games (choose 1): - AdVenture Capitalist - Ashes of the Singularity: Escalation - Blade & Soul - Dreadnought - Guns of Icarus: Alliance - Halo Wars 2 - HITMAN - TERA - There Came an Echo


Thanks for that dude. I couldn't help out earlier


If you want to register go to . Not sure if it will work in giving a game, but you never know.

Get up to £84.50 Cashback on selected Intel Core i7 / i5 CPU and X99 / Z97 Intel® Chipset Motherboards
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Posted 12th Jun 2015Posted 12th Jun 2015
Get up to £84.50 Cashback on selected Intel Core i7 / i5 CPU and X99 / Z97 Intel® Chipset Motherboards
In order to qualify for cashback you must purchase a qualifying motherboard and a qualifying Intel CPU together, add the new Intel SSD 750 series to your purchase and get additiona… Read more

Where overpriced tat? There overpriced tat!


I was going to buy the FX 8320E, but every benchmark said that the i7 beat it which is understandable as it costs more than twice as much, but it was mainly because of this cashback I bought the 4790k!


If they just made there products £84.50 cheaper to everyone and forget about these claiming cashback deals maybe they would sell more of there over priced tat. AMD for the win

topss Promoter is Intel Corp. (UK) Ltd

Up to £52.50 cashback on Intel Broadwell CPU and MB bundles.
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Posted 2nd Jun 2015Posted 2nd Jun 2015
Up to £52.50 cashback on Intel Broadwell CPU and MB bundles.£52.50
TopTechcashback are back with a new promotion for the Broadwell CPUs - 5775C and 5675C. Purchase a selected motherboard ( see the range of boards in the link) with the CPU at the… Read more

Price gouging as the list price is not much more than Broadwell;,88040,75048,88095


Ah, Intel's naming conventions! With the upcoming Skylake on the relatively near horizon, I am not quite tempted by Broadwell, for all that the graphics component's benchmarks are satisfyingly impressive, but the cash back incentive is very welcome for those who can't wait for Skylake or who planned ahead to upgrade their stopgap place-holder Pentium for the long awaited Broadwell. Good find, OP, have some heat. :)


Heat added, shame no information on how well they OC @ present. Also a little less cashback vs devil's canyon cashback deal promo period 18/0/14 - 03/10/14, was looking at Asus + i5 4690K or i7 4790K combo. 2nd promo on devil's canyon was even higher. +1, even the 5675C is £226.51 :| ..


They have appeared on scan, £307.84 for the 5775C, i'll pass X)


I knew a woman who had a broadwell.

Intel Toptechcashback is back! Buy Intel Cpu + motherboard with Intel chipset and claim up to £90 back!
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Posted 17th Nov 2014Posted 17th Nov 2014
Intel Toptechcashback is back! Buy Intel Cpu + motherboard with Intel chipset and claim up to £90 back!
If you buy Intel CPU and motherboard with Intel chipset from the list, you can claim for cashback. Remember, check the date of promotion for specific products. Earlier promo finish… Read more

There are a lot of terms that they just make up. For example, you have to buy the items at the same and from the same company. Its a really badly promoted offer. So, bad that when I bought my motherboard and then the processor, I know nothing about this offer. It was purely coincidence I bought the correct items. I bout 2 processors and 2 motherboards. The attitude staff at toptech and opia stinks (right bunch of hitlers). They referred my request and a family member's request to their security/fraud team. I was furious with their email on three counts: 1) The email was way over the top for two claims. 2) their email was sent to my family member only and contained my details as well; this was a serious breach Data Protection Law and something I would expect their "security/fraud team" to know. 3) They stated that they would reject any claims they are managing, including future claims for other products. This is not even remotely legal. I copied the Intel ceo on my email. Intel have apologised to me for the way opia/toptech have handled these claims and are looking into the claims to see if they can do anything. I do think alot of the t&c's are lame. I think we should boycott these cashbacks until they are more sensible. They are designed to limit the number of people claiming and not even remotely customer focused.


Seems they may not be legit! - be wary handing over your bank details!!!! To Quote from the official Intel® forum "I am afraid to say this is not an Intel® Official page. As you can see the email domain for their support contact is which is not related to Intel®. This seems to be a scam but as mentioned before, this is not Intel®."


Bad luck. There is always a limited time window for making these sorts of claims so keep than in mind in the future.


Be VERY careful with this offer guys: just had my claim rejected (for something I bought before Xmas) and had forgotten about! At the time of purchase there was no mention of a maximum claim time frame, only that you could not claim for 30 days (Almost as if they want you to forget!!) Dear Mr XXX Claim ID: XXXXX Your claim on TopTech Cashback has been rejected for the following reason: A full and valid claim must be submitted no sooner than thirty (30) days and no later than sixty (60) days commencing in each case from the date of purchase indicated on the receipt or invoice. The date of purchase indicated on the proof of purchase is day one (1). You have submitted your claim 68 days after the purchase of your products. If you have any questions please check our Terms and Conditions or email Kind regards TopTech Customer Services


Got paid my £40 today too, 75 days after ordering.

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Apply for free tickets to see a  comedy show in West End London 26th/27th September 2013
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Posted 19th Sep 2013Posted 19th Sep 2013
Apply for free tickets to see a comedy show in West End London 26th/27th September 2013
To round off the summer, Intel® is offering comedy fans a unique way to experience a night of stand-up. In partnership with Mark Smith, one of the UK's most exciting new comics, In… Read more

It possibly got wrongly expired originally then resurrected (T&C's got updated to end on the 24th, not the 17th). And has been sitting here gradually accumulating bits of heat. Possibly.


Shouldn't this be expired already? It's 12 October 2013.


Why did this suddenly get hot, old thread!


Does this deal include free time travel?


I suggest it was just a left over ad: The Comedy Club will be created by selecting 100 “Winners” within 7 working days of the end of the competition in accordance with the competition mechanic outlined in these Terms & Conditions. Entries for the Comedy Club must be received between 12:00 GMT Wednesday 11th September and 09:00 GMT Monday 16th September 2013. Subsequent entries will be automatically disqualified. Entries become the property of Intel® and will not be returned. The winners will be notified by email by the 17th September 2013. Details will be included in the email of how many tickets have been allocated (minimum 2, maximum 4)

intel exhibition in london
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Posted 5th Jul 2013Posted 5th Jul 2013
intel exhibition in london
i assume it's free to get in. maybe win an ultrabook?

I went to it, it was very small but they spent a lot of time explaining all the new processors and gave me a £5 starbucks card.


I may not be a website designer but that page is rubbish...


Multiple scripts run when you click through to that page - bound to crash one or other browser configuration Twitter brighcove googleapis demandbase pinterest facebook researchintel tagboard googleanalytics


Experience Intel? Site crashed my Chrome browser...


Wait, will Intel be inside or outside?

[Win with Intel] Buy a new PC with Intel Inside®, to win one of thousands of great prizes @ Intel
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Posted 29th Apr 2013Posted 29th Apr 2013
[Win with Intel] Buy a new PC with Intel Inside®, to win one of thousands of great prizes @ Intel
from April 15 to June 29 Buy a PC, for a chance to win a car. Or a tablet. Or a smartphone. Or one of thousands of prizes in the great Intel prize giveaway.

£2? I thought the lottery was £1?... Not a good deal :p


Buy a lottery ticket for £2, and get a chance to win £13 million....good deal?


So, you're saying all I have to do is buy an Intel product and I'll get entered in a prize draw. Sounds too good to be true, surely there must be some catch? :D

Intel SSD CASHBACK up to £38
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Posted 28th Mar 2012Posted 28th Mar 2012
Intel SSD CASHBACK up to £38£38
Cheapest Intel 520 180 GB I found was @ ebuyer for £214.23 So it works out £176.23 after cashback Qualifying retailers : Overclockers Dabs Ebuyer Scan Computers I… Read more
Get deal*Get deal*

I think that's purely a software issue so if Intel release RST drivers that support TRIM under RAID it should work with all SSDs; assuming you have an Intel mobo. It is supposed to be in development/testing now and due later in the year.


Nice info, I personally wait for new ones which should support RAID and TRIM (in same time).


Keep in mind that the cheaper OEM versions have a 1 year warranty versus 5 on the retail versions.


If the 180GB was 256GB I'd go for it but I want more space, currently got an old G2 160GB, need additional space.... Cracking deal


Heat from me. That brings a 80gb drive to a shade over £80 at ebuyer. I'd have thought that was pretty obvious unless the title's just been changed, it says "cashback up to £8".