Intelex Microwaveable Triceratops £3.48 @

Intelex Microwaveable Triceratops £3.48 @

Found 9th Mar 2011Made hot 16th Mar 2011
Already got the green one of these and was on the lookout for another and found this buried within Amazon. You have to select "11 new from £3.48" to find the Amazon price which sadly does have a 3-4 week delivery time, but if you don't mind waiting this is a great deal. Around £10 everywhere else.

"Microwavable soft toy - ideal for a cozy sleep
Lavender scented wheat bag - can help promote sleep
Takes away risk of water scald"


Despite the 3-4 week wait this a deal! Well spotted...

Great spot, good instructions and thank for the heads up on the delivery time.

Great deal!

Excellent, well spotted!

Don't take that 3-4 week wait as gospel - they quoted that to me recently and I had the product in five days.

Oh gutted - just went to order one for my son who loves dinosaurs and its gone back up to £10.50

No, still there, look on the right and it's £3.48 from amazon but not in stock.

Good find. I bought mine for just under £10 in January and my daughter loves it to bits.

The sheep is in stock @ £5.99

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soo cute i had to order one for my present box

Maybe this is how dinosaurs became extinct - people sticking them in microwaves.

Mine says 12 new from £7.44.... so no more at this price

These dinosaurs are great, my partner has this one and I have this one - they smell a bit like cake (?) after you use them a few times though. Have got so attached to them, really good for warming you up

ha ha they're so cute

My daughter has had the purple one since christmas, they are fab, she still has hers warmed every night and is her favorite bedtime teddy, they are a a lovely nice size too, bigger than what i was expecting
they are just under £8 so still a good buy i think
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