Intempo 1800mAh Plug & Charge Power Source £3.99 @ B&M instore

Intempo 1800mAh Plug & Charge Power Source £3.99 @ B&M instore

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Found 28th Jan
Keep your phone charged while you're out and about with the Intempo Power Source.

Charge the power bank up before you go out and you'll have your very own power supply for battery emergencies.

Ideal for long car journeys and makes a great travel accessory for holidays.


  • 1800 mAh battery capacity
  • Charging time: 4 hours (Approx.)
  • Rechargeable lithium battery
  • USB connectivity - compatible with all smart phones (phone manufacturer's own charging cable may be needed for some models)

Available colours: Blue, Black, Green, Pink
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Not a good deal at all as poundland have similar for £1
It seems as if no matter where you go, there's always somewhere offering free wifi and very often a charging point as well, so even if you don't have a short cable tucked away for emergencies, a member of staff in a café will probably be able to help.

Agreed it doesn't help if you go camping or hill walking, but any intelligent person doing that sort of thing on a regular basis really ought to have a back up with them just in case.
These are good if you want to give your phone a boost without having to sit in a random coffee shop for half hour and paying £7 for a drink for the privilege of the ‘free charging’.
1200mhh @ poundland for a £1
I would avoid this lower powered stuff because in reality would not transfer the full charge on the device but it can help in an emergency of course. Only bought some from poundland to take the battery out to replace the faulty laptop batteries and they are really good for that.
Euro car parts was recently selling their 2600mAh chargers @ £1.99, even @ 2600mah can see that only part of the charge is transferred but the battery itself is worth a lot more…046
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Anything under 5000 mAh is a waste of money
Gollywood5 h, 7 m ago

Anything under 5000 mAh is a waste of money

In an emergency, some power is still better than none at all.
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