Intempo 7" Android Tablet PC £179.99 @ TJHughes

Intempo 7" Android Tablet PC £179.99 @ TJHughes

Found 24th Oct 2010
Not sure if this is any good... so wanted to post here to get the expert opinion from you lot before I buy... Thanks :

The Intempo I.D. Spirit allows you to take your favourite things with you wherever you go. Use the 7-inch touch screen to navigate through your day. Sleek palm sized design - easy to carry around with a crystal-clear touch screen display, the I.D. Spirit is the perfect accessory to plan and organise your busy lifestyle. Play music or games, watch films, surf the web, view your emails, documents and photos and much more on the Intempo I.D. Spirit.
Looking for the latest music video by your favourite band, artist or the best games? Access all the apps in the Google Android App store. Looking to catch up with all your friend"s latest videos? Use the built in YouTube app to search for all these videos. You can also store and listen to your favourite songs, upload and browse your photos and videos and keep track of all your appointments using the calendar on your Intempo I.D. Spirit.
Screen size: 7" digital touch screen
Software: Google Android v 1.9
Processor: VIA 8505 + Processor 400Mhz
RAM: 256MB
Resolution 800 x 480
2gb Flash Memory, 2GB Micro SD Card included
WIFI - 802.11 bg
Supports MP3 Format Audio Files
Supports AVI Format Video Files
Supports MP3, MP4, 3GP
Google Docs Format: DOC, XLS, PPT, PDF
Accessories included: Case, Earphones, USB Cable, 2900 MAH Rechargeable Battery, Software, Google Android V 1.9


to be truthfull i was looking at these but 400 speed is weak you can get 1.1ghz with 256mb and 10" display from uk sellers on flea bay

Google Android v1.9 ??????? The did 1.5 , 1.6 then jumped into the 2's so I dont know what version this is.

It doesnt state it but I would bet this is a resistive screen so you wont be able to do things such as pinch and zoom or multitouch.

Memory is very low

Processor speed is very slow

Wait a bit longer and I'm sure before xmas a better one with cpacative screen, more memory, a better and faster processor and Android 2.2 will be out at close to this price.

The equivilant to this item can be obtained from DealExtreme for a lot less.

i'm not going to vote hot or cold, but i know that sell a similar one for £179.99 (Link) that has Android Version 2.1 which is better than Version 1.9, and also has a 1Ghz processor instead of a 400Mhz one on the one you suggested. They also sell an Archos Home Tablet (Link) for £129.99 with 8GB storage instead of 2GB storage but from reviews isn't that responsive.

For the same money Toy R Us have on with an Arm processor and android 2.1

SVP have an offer on taday for the Point of View 16Gb tablet…php

I understand that some of the manufacturers, well LG at least, are waiting for Android release 3 which is supposed to be optimised for tablets


For the same money Toy R Us have on with an Arm processor and android 2.1

toys r us no stock stores know nothing about it looks like its coming but not yet available

i was at Toys R Us yesterday trying to but 10" etouch not even in stock yet but they were advertised yesterday was **** of told guy in shop they should not put adverts out without having the product in stock anyway said should be in mon or tues we will see oos online what a joke
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Thanks for the tips people I wont buy it... thanks

I just bought 2 off these for my grandchildren, nothing works, tried youtube, something keeps stopping, tried apps, nothing loads, will be taking them back tommorrow. Norrieb48

Very unhappy with this item, bought 2 for my daughters for Christmas and the app market is all foreign facebook etc!!! Trying to rectify the problem but as yet no such luck....any ideas???

bought one of these for xmas - absolutely useless - doesnt have enough memory to download itunes, freezes when surfing the web, screen goes blank frequently and as for the speed.... select a link and go and make a cup of tea. No joke... the annoying thing is that you cant return them to online sellers as its classified as computer software. Should have become an IT technician to know that 400 whatchacallits arent good enough to run basic computer processes. Just cant see how they can be sold if they arent up to it ??? Mrs Geekless PC.

Bought 1 in a rush at Christmas cause I have wireless router at home and my little lad could surf away without bugginig me........Big Mistake......would of been beter of buying second hand lap top!!! I said to the wife ...but no.....and now we got £130 worth of....well somthing that is pretty usless......slow,blanks out/crashes,carnt chat to his friends on face book only email or tube joke time it loads + amount of times you have to reload spoil any fun....have yet to plug a memory stick in to see if he can watch movies!!!!...if that works it will at least be a dvd player!!!

Got one as a gift from my husband. Oh dear. how do I tell him its rubbish. Only thing its good for is storeing photos. Very slow and as someone said previously apps are rubbish. DONT BUY ONE OF THESE. Save your money for something better.
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