Interactive Furby £54.99 delivered @ 365games

Interactive Furby £54.99 delivered @ 365games

Found 20th Sep 2012
Seems to be £5 cheaper than anywhere else due for release this week

Furby--Meet your adorable friend who will develop its own personality

Time to dust off your Furbish dictionary because Furby is back and ready to take the world by storm. And you had better be prepared because Furby has a mind of its own. Feed it, speak to it, tickle it, play music for it, and shake, tilt or turn your Furby upside down. But be warned: how you treat your Furby will shape its personality. Are you ready to handle a Furby?

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How you treat your Furby will shape its personality

Take your Furby around wherever you go...

...and introduce your Furby to some friends and see what happens.
Who will your Furby become? It all depends on how you play with your Furby. So when you are feeding, tickling, shaking, tilting or turning it, pulling its tail, speaking to it or playing music for it, keep in mind that your actions will shape its personality. Play nicely with Furby and it may develop a sweet personality, but, pull its tail, shake and turn it upside down and a mischievous side of Furby may appear.

Furby has a mind of its own. You see, Furby has likes and dislikes just like you. You will discover them as you and Furby get to know one another. Furby will express its emotions to you in a variety of ways, expressive LED eyes are just one of many ways. Furby may not react or behave the way you expect or the way you want, so you may be happy about some of its reactions and not so happy about others.

There is something you should know about Furby. Furby can be unpredictable. Be careful how you treat Furby. Who your Furby becomes may surprise you. So, are you ready to handle a Furby?

Furby can also recognise another Furby, place two side by side and they will interact, including dancing together or having a conversation. Introduce your Furby to other Furbys and see what happens. Again, you never know how your Furby will react, so it may get along well with some Furbys and may have a bad attitude with others.

Feeding and Furbish fun

When you first meet your Furby, it will speak Furbish. But the more you play with Furby, the more English it will start speaking. Not sure what your Furby is saying? Do all those ee-tays and noo-loos have you scratching your head? Then check out the complete Furbish dictionary at or in the free Furby app to translate Furbish into English and find out what Furby is talking about.

Feed your Furby. Give your Furby food by using the Furby app that lets you virtually feed your Furby: Feed it a hot pepper and you may see fire in its eyes. Try different foods and see how it responds.

Additional Information

For additional interactive Furby fun, owners can download the free Furby App for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch, available at the App store. Use your Furby app to virtually feed your Furby, access a Furbish to English dictionary and use the Furbish to English translator. Furby requires 4 x AA batteries. Batteries not included.
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Wasn't worth this when they first came out, let alone now.
Cant undertsand why this cold......... Top toy on the wanted list this year... can also be used with ipad, iphone and ipod with an free app.......

I have actually got 3 of the new ones at home , right now as arrived at lunch time today, keeping for my son for christmas and two for sale... the blue is quite bright..

voted hot at this price... cheapest Ive seen , i paid 60 each..
leilahfun or £48 if you use this deal COLD

Would be ace, if they had them in stock, but when you put them in your basket they say there are non for delivery. So this is the best deal for Furbys
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