INTERNAL Western Digital WD3200KS 320GB SATAII 16MB Cache 7200rpm 16p/gb - £56.14
INTERNAL Western Digital WD3200KS 320GB SATAII 16MB Cache 7200rpm 16p/gb - £56.14

INTERNAL Western Digital WD3200KS 320GB SATAII 16MB Cache 7200rpm 16p/gb - £56.14

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This next-generation SATA hard drive features a 16 MB cache and a 300 MB/s transfer rate for lightning-fast performance - ideal for high-demand computing, multimedia and gaming systems. Not only fast, it also delivers technologically advanced acoustics and cool operation.

£51.09 inc VAT making this 16p a gigabyte which is nearly 25% cheaper compared to the market standard of about 20p/gigabyte on drives this size but if you can fit 2 drives this is 640GB for £102 which is a bargain compared to 400GB or 500GB drives which are not as redundant i.e. all your eggs in 1 basket compare to 2 here and of course alot more space for your money, to put that in perspective, thats 1.25Terabytes for £404...

£56.14 with 3 working days delivery
and don't forget a massive 84p from quidco...

I knew I should of gone to bed...
1.25TB for £200 after quidco I meant :-D
- schizoboy

For those that do not know, this is OEM

What you will probably receive is a brown box with a drive in a anti static bag in 2 holders to keep it firm in the box, no manual, no sata cables, no cd, nothing bar the drive and proper packaging, if you need a cable check that you don't have one that came with your motherboard or you don't have a spare one.

The drive does seem to have a molex connector meaning you don't need the new sata power supply connectors but you will need a sata hdd controller connector and cable or a ide to sata converter like this one:
- schizoboy

So many mistakes, thats the wrong url, admin/mod, someone that has slept, please fix all this, thanks
- schizoboy

Ebuyer are doing FREE delivery on all orders over £99 on Super Saver Delivery (5 working days)
- schizoboy


Go to bed.

Hi schizoboy, This is a good buy IMHO.
Good find.

Free delivery on orders £100.00 and over at eBuyer helps save money as well.
(Super-Saver delivery).

Voted hot.

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Sleep, pah, who needs sleep...

sounds excellent, really really tempted! thanks

Cheers! I've ordered two to put in RAID.

Thanks for this :santa: Very nice find and tempting :santa:

Nice find, thanks

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Found the sata cable I meant:

Right angled meaning you can't easily snag the cable out like you can with normal SATA cables.

I've ordered this drive, due to arrive on the 2nd so we'll see what it's like, but a 16MB cache drive @ 16p/gb is great :-D

Just ordered two.

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If anyone has spare hdd slots in their PC case which most will and a PC bought from 2004+ this is a bargain and you want more space, this is a very fast hdd for a bargain, don't miss this.

Order £99+ worth of goods for free delivery.

i was put off innitially by the fact that this is SATA II as the HDD in my machine is only SATA but did a little digging and found out that SATA II is backwards compatible with SATA drives and Motherboards; The transfer speed with just be throttled to that of SATA drives.

Eventually went for this as this is a cracking deal on a quality drive and is far cheaper than any 320GB standard SATA drives.

Thanks for posting this :thumbsup:

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Yes, SATA2 = 300megabytes/second SATA1 = 150megabytes/second
As I understand it

You'll be lucky to get 50megabytes/sec from the outside section of the disk platter (faster speeds onside on static RPM than inside for obvious reasons) Hard Disk bottleneck has been the same for over a decade now, raid0/raid5/raid matrix is the future to compensate and try and keep up, which is why buying 2 or 4 of these in a fast raid setup would give blistering speed boost injection to any OS but particulary XP and Vista.

Which is why SATA2 means very little to me, NCQ or whatever is called I believe is what makes a signifcant but not a great difference, speeding up commands to the disk etc, don't know if this has it.

This is still the cheapest by far HDD per gigabyte on the market in the UK right now and considering it's the KS model with 5years warranty AND 16megabytes cache this is a very good model as well.

If you need space and have Desktop PC, ignore this at your peril.

good value for money

I grabbed one of these too, great amount of storage for the price

missed out! gone up! saving is -£7.00!! dabs do it just as cheap

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