Internet Security kaspersky  2018 3 Devices, 1 Year £14.89 - Costco

Internet Security kaspersky 2018 3 Devices, 1 Year £14.89 - Costco

Found 26th Jan 2018
Picked up this from Costco yesterday
Seems a good dealand well respected
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Russian access to your full computer info??
No longer free from Barclays
Possibly struggling for cash these days. My Kaspersky anti-virus expired and after 10 days I was offered a year renewal for £4.99, then after the popup page was loaded for about 10 minutes It offered me another 10% reduction! I did actually bite at £4.49. Easier to do finance stuff on mobile these days, they can track my computer gaming and youtube statistics all day long :-)
Kaspersky anti-virus is not same as Internet security...
yup they are different products.

I would take alot of what is said about kaspersky with some added salt.

Remember intel's mcafee, isn't doing well, same with the other av.

Also other av's have silmar capabilities that kaspersky susposidly has
Kaspersky is excellent. They become victims of American anti-Russian campaign. Yanks seems to attack any successful Russian company.
Even UK government not found any evidence regarding Kaspersky supporting Kremlin. They just cautioned about using Russian av.
thomasbentley5 h, 9 m ago

Russian access to your full computer info??

The perfect citizen subject. Swallowing hook, line & sinker the propaganda narrative that Russia=bad.

Personally, I trust 'Russia' more with 'access' to my data than the UK/US any day of the week.
I'm assuming you'd need costco membership for this.
Do they have many decent offers often? (in order to make my membership fee worthwhile, else not worth it for jusrt this software alone)
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