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Intex Seahawk 2 set inflatable boat - 236 x 114 x 41 cm - 3-piece £47.59 with code @ eBay / spreetail_uk

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Ignore image on listing, its the wrong boat. See below for what you will receive

About this item
  • About this article 3 air chambers - tether around the boat - inflatable floor
  • 1 accessory bag - 2 fishing holders - rudder holders
  • Preparation for motor mount - incl. 2 paddles of 122 cm each - hand pump included in the set!
  • max. 200 kg, 2 people
  • Inflation - Unscrew the “double valve cap” and make sure that the “quick drain cap” has not been moved or accidentally unscrewed. Check whether the “quick drain cap” is still firmly attached to the valve
  • Use a hand-operated or foot-operated air pump to inflate the boat. Do not use high-pressure air compressors. Adults should inflate the chambers in the numerical order shown on the valves. It is very important to follow the numerical sequence, otherwise the boat cannot be properly inflated. Fill each chamber until it feels stiff but is NOT hard. Use the included ruler to check the main chamber for the correct level
  • DO NOT INFLATE TOO MUCH. Only fill with cold air. Close the “double valve cap” again and tighten the cap firmly. If air escapes, make sure the washer under the dual valve cap is properly inserted
  • IMPORTANT- The air temperature and weather conditions influence the internal air pressure of the inflatable products. In cold weather, the product loses some pressure as the air contracts. In this case, you should pour some air into the product. However, in hot weather, the air expands. You must release some air to prevent the product from bulging and failing at the seam due to excess pressure
  • Repair - Continuous use can occasionally lead to a leak. Most leaks can be repaired in just a few minutes. First, locate the leak; soapy water will bubble out of the leak. Clean the area around the leak thoroughly to remove dirt and grime
  • Cut a piece of repair patch large enough to overlap the damaged area by approximately 1.5 cm. Round off the edges, place the patch on the damaged area and press firmly. You may be able to put a weight on it to keep it in place. Do not inflate the patch within 30 minutes of applying it. If the patch doesn't last, you can buy a PVC or silicone-based adhesive to repair sleeping pads, tents or shoes from the market to repair your boat; please follow the adhesive's instructions for patching
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    "used once"
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    Is this sea/channel worthy and does it come with the required up to date benefits claiming papers?
    Comes with free 5* accomodation and food.