Intimate Enemies (2 Disc Collectors Edition DVD) £2.87 delivered @

Intimate Enemies (2 Disc Collectors Edition DVD) £2.87 delivered @

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Found 22nd Feb 2010
Algeria, 1959. Military operations are being stepped up. High in the mountains of Kabylia, Terrien (Beno?Magimel), an idealistic lieutenant takes over the command of a platoon at a French army outpost. Here he meets Dougnac (Albert Dupontel), a cynical sergeant. Their differences and the harsh realities in the field drive the two men to the breaking point. Lost in an undeclared war, they discover that their worst enemy is themselves.

From acclaimed director Florent Emilio Siri (Hostage), Intimate Enemies is a visually stunning war epic which shows the true brutality and horrors of war.

Special Features
* Audio commentary
* Making of "Intimate Enemies"
* Music
* Interview ( film crew)
* Promo reel Cannes, casting, etc...
* From the Story-board to the movie film
* Film /documentary of Patrick Rotman
* Photos gallery

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