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The Fantasy Egg for Him (Volution) £1.99 Delivered @ intimategadgets
Found 5th Nov 2014Found 5th Nov 2014
The Fantasy Egg for Him (Volution) £1.99 Delivered @ intimategadgets
Stocking filler? "The Volution Egg isn’t like any other male sex toy. The twisting and ribbed sensation it gives you adds a whole new dimension to male sex toys. Now not only will… Read more

got the 6 pack for secret santa XMAS5 for 5% off


I think I've just found my favourite picture on the siteElephant posing pouch with googly eyes. Oooh so simple and seductive


If you call that a sex toy you can stick it up your ****


I have never wafted in all my life.


What a bunch of Wa##ers

cheap rubber(s) for your pencil (50 pk £2.20) @ deal extreme
Found 29th Jan 2012Found 29th Jan 2012
cheap rubber(s) for your pencil (50 pk £2.20) @ deal extreme
not going to put anything here besides this, since the unfair mods will delete it for comments that a no worst than any in the balaclava (yet being in the same sence of fun)
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this is a good deal get its cold, cheaper uk bulk rubbers are 144 pks for £10.52, can get 150pk from deal extreme for £6.60


no its not funny, my was the dual standrens of the mod team of hot deals since is sure as hell funny in the balaclava topic (or atless the mod team think it is)


Let me find my calipers to check the size against the pic.....!


probably something to do with rape not being even remotely funny?


There is probably a difference between daft people offending themselves by wading through a 10-page long comments section of essentially the same bad joke, and front-paging a gag about rape.

Body Massager £5.14 Delivered (Discreet Packaging) @ intimate gadgets - dealextreme
Found 4th Jan 2012Found 4th Jan 2012
Body Massager £5.14 Delivered (Discreet Packaging) @ intimate gadgets - dealextreme
This is a very powerful eco-friendly massager. It is well worth the money and was a great xmas present for the wife. Thought i'd share it with HUKD members so they can have some e… Read more

My backs killing, voted hot oO


They do second hand ones for half the price usually because the batterys have ran out and theyve moved on to ones that plug strait into hinkley point , so for that reason im not investing ..... Cold !!


you mean next xmas?


you might just get this in time for xmas if you order now DX have the slowest dispatch in the world


Yet they are short of fanny replacements??? check the Hottest deal on HUKD....went through the roof

The Fantasy Egg for Him (Wavy)- £2.29 Deal Extreme
Found 18th Dec 2011Found 18th Dec 2011
The Fantasy Egg for Him (Wavy)- £2.29 Deal Extreme
ordered one of these for secret santa at start of month and just arrivied yesterday, so prob no good for x-mas but good for a joke pressie or if your feeling lonely :)
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Does it come with a surprise like the kinder eggs ? .

ODB_69 wrong


Cannot be unseen. That seems like a lot of pre and post "preparation".


lol, why? surely he should get freebies?


like a cadburys cream egg

Found 6th Nov 2011Found 6th Nov 2011
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says its tight


Sure sure ;) Torches?? are you sure?


Be warned. Deal Extreme ALWAYS label the contents of packages. Sometimes with typical and sometimes embarassing - for the receiver - Engrish! I ordered several flashlights/torches, and they were labeled, Fleshlights!? oO oO oO


fleshlight or tenga? two different things/companies - have a look at for the info, tenga items are also meant to be disposable after just one use - sure there is a forum on martin lewis money saving for how to recycle them lol


I.E you can only use them once. The hottest deal on the site fleshlight is actually pretty decent, if you're lonely or the GF wants to use it on you. Get the bumhole though as the vagina one is a pain to clean.

Soft Vibrating Massager Ring with Condom - £1.27 @ Intimate Gadgets
Found 26th Apr 2011Found 26th Apr 2011
Soft Vibrating Massager Ring with Condom - £1.27 @ Intimate Gadgets
- Made of non-toxic TPE material - With vibration function - Easy to using and operating - Powered by 1*L754 batteries (included) - Comes with a condom

Hot, hot hot, but your gonna need a bigger toy.


People should be made to have avatars that are a picture of themselves..... just like mine is... 8)


I wish people would grow up and stop using half naked ladies as their avatars. Its just wrong and childish. GROW UP.


It's for grown ups, you come back when you've advanced from **** to photos!


I wish people would grow and stop posting sex toys on this forum is just wrong and childish. GROW UP

*ADULT* Fleshlight For The Men - £16.03 Delivered @ Deal Extreme
Found 3rd Sep 2009Found 3rd Sep 2009
*ADULT* Fleshlight For The Men - £16.03 Delivered @ Deal Extreme
Long awaited on DX, third the price of lovehoney. Note these are $25.77, this will fluctuate up and down a bit due to exchange rates. Three models available: Lips:… Read more
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Interested. Had anyone got a video review?


Ever heard of inflation? (it happens when you use this gadget, lol) :)


the price is £17.18, this deal is a connery



Will anyone actually admit to buying one?