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LG OPTIMUS L3 2 500 Minutes,5000 Texts,1GB Data = £2.50 pm at Into Mobile Phones
Found 12th Aug 2015Found 12th Aug 2015
LG OPTIMUS L3 2 - Not the mobile matter :) Talkmobile 24months contract 500 Minutes,5000 Texts,1GB Data = £2.50 after cash back I recommend if you looking something really cheap … Read more

I image one of the reasons for this being cold is because the op didn't include that this was a cashback deal in the title.


Yes and it's not £2.50 per month. It's £10 per month and you'd need to claim every cashback and for the company to remain solvent to get the £2.50 rate over 24 months. I've heard bad reviews of their cashback process and I'm not convinced of their sustainability. More reliable companies (all at some sort of risk) out there and deals come and go.


People really don't like cashback deals on this site, I'd imagine since the whole Phones4U collapse a lot of people lost out on cashback - that and the fact if Into Mobile Phones were to go into administration you'd be left with an underwhelming contract.


Be careful with this company. Good luck if you go with it.


At £10 pm it stacks up against GiffGaff and as long as you set reminders to send in the invoices the cashback refund shouldn't be a problem. The phone can be used as a backup or a standalone music player. Why cold?

Sony Xperia SP £19.33 per month unlimited data & texts 500 mins TMOBILE £27 a month [with £160 redemption over 24 months]
Found 29th May 2013Found 29th May 2013
Thought this was a cracking deal for a new phone, cant seem to find a better deal out there Detailed Specifications;… Read more

Because its Tmobile, thats the reason Cold. Bought PAYG this phone in May but no delivery, no email so far, but took your money immediately. Called CS 2 wks after order, will process refund on yr request.....Still nothing received from Tmobile, nearly a month now, need a follow up call next week. Reconsider if u go for Tmobile


did you hear anything back yet? they usally send you an email straight away


has anyone ordered from this site before? ..ive just preordered this and not recieved any type of confimation :/



What's with the random link?

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£24***FREE LG Optimus 4X HD Black ,2000min+5000text+UnlimitedData+TETHERING @ Into Mobile Phones
Found 23rd Feb 2013Found 23rd Feb 2013
I think unmisseble chance to get this handset on ONE PLAN (3 Network) dont forget you will also get unlimited tethering as well with this 3000min 3 to 3 .... Anyone one h… Read more

l have this phone and this is a great phone


Do they pay you for ...... listen and stream tv,radio nearly all shift...[/quote]


I think on this occasion your pay more for the minutes and tethering than the phone, Shame really, As it is a very powerful and good looking phone, But LG's rep and the price of them sim free means it will be worth very little within the year, And you can get the Sony Z for a couple of quid more.


Yes andersh,,i need defo unlimited data,,i work 12 hours shift,,and listen and stream tv,radio nearly all shift...


Xperia Z seems like a better phone. The Optimus isn't LTE, so you won't really get the best out of that unlimited data in the long run. Also have a think about whether you really need unlimited data and check your current usage :-)

Sony Xperia Z White/Black 500 Mins, Unlimited Texts, 9999GB mobile internet data(no upfront) £26 pm (£624) plus 3months mobile insurance free @
Found 21st Feb 2013Found 21st Feb 2013
i think its great deal Your Phone Sony Xperia Z Black/white On FULL MONTY 26 Your Plan T mobile 24 Month Contract,500 Mins, Unlimited Texts, 9999GB mobile internet data £26.00 per … Read more
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delivered today, superb would recommend this site to all. superb communication and service. I was worried after reading reviews but didn't need to be :-)


Same price at affordable mobiles who are a very reputable retailer and offer £40.40 cashback


called them yesterday and told order gone through fine and stock due out over next couple of weeks. I'm happy to wait as excellent tariff


Hey mate if you do wish to call them try entering their number on , often offer alternative landline number for premium line. You may already be aware though.


Ordered this on Saturday last week. Still no confirmation email. Emailed the company 3 times throughout the week but no reply. It's exactly like those bad reviews. I refuse to phone the premium rate number so if nothing happens on release day ill be canceling the direct debit and moving on. DO NOT BUY. you have been warned

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Pre-order Samsung Galaxy S3 Free, Unlimited Texts and internet + 300 mins £32.58 Pm @ Into Mobile Phones
Found 8th May 2012Found 8th May 2012
Top cash back of around 60 quid i think it was, knocks the 32 quid down to 30 quid per month, Unlimited Texts (5000), Unlimited Internet and 300 mins, FREE PHONE! Unsure of the q… Read more

I 2nd that, i have been with them for over a yr and every time i have called i get someone relatively quickly and they have always helped me out.


Completely agree. Their customer service is atrocious. Foreign call centres at their worst.


Deal cost should be £32.58, as you cant include cashback which is not guaranteed. Also redemption deal, so cold for me. If you dont get any of the redemption, that could be upto another £130 ontop of the £32.58 effective cost per month.


Been a great network for me :)


3 is probably one of the worst networks in my opinion ... I would much rather may a few quid extra and get a better provider ...

Samsung Galaxy Note - T-Mobile - 18m contract - 300m+300txt+Plus Free Booster choice - £25.54 / mth @ intomobilephones
Found 30th Jan 2012Found 30th Jan 2012
Another cracking deal - not to be missed. Samsung Galaxy Note on 18 mth Contract with T-mobile T-Mobile £25 + Free Flexible Choice (18 Month) £25.54 Line Rental • 300 Inclusive… Read more
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kaisar what do people think of this, seem like a reasonable price. £27pm for £24m contract on 02 network. 300 min, unl text, 500mb data, bt openzone and cloud, 20 pic messages + priority moments. also potential £32 tcb. 24 * 27 = £648 - £32 tcb = £616 / 24m = £25.67pm would post my self but been banned by mods, bunch of prats!!!


I'm tempted by this but I'm worried the screen will be too cramped for my fat fingers


can't find this on their website?


Big p*ssy, big tampons!


You big p*ssy!

Samsung Galaxy S II  24month with 500 mins, unliminted texts and 1GB data for  £25pm +£32 handset fee @ Into phones
Found 27th Jul 2011Found 27th Jul 2011
First deal submission (so be gentle =P ) One of the best deals ive seen currently for the SGS2. The deal is £25 per month on a 24 month contract plus an initial £32 handset charge… Read more
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I had bought 2 from the deal posted on here and had them delivered to the store.


oh dear, looks like ive found one.:D


Idiots write baseless comments. Which part of the 2 year deal is a mug? The actual meat of the contract is bad and you don't actually want to be on it ie mins,txts,mb's or You are sim free and pay full cash for a mobile every year?


Mugs sign two year phone contacts.


I've been informed that orange oversubscribe and that their 3G network sucks, so apart from orange , this was the next best offer i could find. So many of the 12 month contracts are poor value for money in comparison, I would be happier selling the phone after 12 months and continuing with the sim in a different handset when newer models are made available. =S

Samsung galaxy S2 600 mins Any Network Anytime + Unlimited texts / (or alternative booster) + £95.00 cash back by redemption on TMOBILE 18month Contract
Found 10th Jul 2011Found 10th Jul 2011
£0 upfront cost £95.00 cash back by redemption • Into Mobile Phones will pay cash back in 5 stages. • Send off a claim voucher at months 4, 8, 12, 15 and 18. • For each claim you'… Read more

ive called up.... i you dont get 500mb so you would have to pay an extra £5.. and they dont actually have stock... ive cancelled my order and kept my talkmobile.. IF a admin reads this would be a good idea deleting this deal......


That is awful. Did you get your PAC code before asking for the price match?


Was offered a similar deal by Orange upgrade team, free S2, 600 AA mins, unlimited texts and 500Gb data for 18 months @ £28.19 per month. No quidco, no redemption. Said no, because I felt the 12 month Talk Mobile deal was better they should've at least matched it as I've been with them over 15 years and only upgraded 3 times in that period.


i agree... you get more mins on this deal... and unlimited txt


how do you know this isnt unlocked?

Samsung Galaxy S2, 300 minutes, 300 texts +1gb. 18 month/£25.54+£57.99 for phone @ INTOmobilephones
Found 9th Jul 2011Found 9th Jul 2011
My first post so go easy. This is a deal between the other 2 Galaxt S2 posted deals: T-Mobile £25 + Free Flexible Choice 18 Month £25.54 Line Rental • 300 Inclusive Minutes • 300 I… Read more
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can you point out where that 12 month £364.47 deal is...sounds desert like hot...I cannot find anything that good...maybe it was a mirage...


I think you should also make a comparison based on a 12 month cost which is £364.47 against the other deal at £459.99 Essentially you are paying around £100 more for a 12 month contract, give or take a few minutes here and there.

Free Samsung Galaxy S 2 + £25 redemption cashback + £30 quidco for £24.50 24m @ Into Mobile Phones
Found 29th Jun 2011Found 29th Jun 2011
T-Mobile £25 + Free Flexible Choice 24 Month £24.50 Line Rental • 600 Inclusive Minutes • 500 Inclusive Texts Plus Free Booster choice: • Unlimited Texts • or Unlimited Internet •… Read more

lol @ horacevankhute you need to wake up and smell the coffee...not everyone can buy a phone outright you are getting the phone for free....for that you tie yourself into a 24month you do with all latest phones. everyone here a deal like the one above where you can go into a 12 month contract or less AND get the phone free WITH the amount of minutes / texts etc You either pay a high price for a phone and a shorter contract, or you get the phone free and you go for a longer one - either way they have got you buy the crown jewels!! Lets see what deal you can find...instead of slating everyone here ;)


You could always sell the handset when you get 'bored' of it and put some money towards a newer phone.


I would treat mobile phone on monthly contract as a hire purchase deal. It's perfect when you cannot afford an initial lump sum for the phone that you like!


If you took out a 24 month contract before smartphones were released you would have been kicking yourself Lock your self in to a 24 month contract and miss out on tomorrows technology (c) (C) 2011 Horace Knows Best Corporation.


as long as it has CyanogenMod (or similar community support) which according to forums will be/is possible, this phone will continue to be amazing for a lot longer than people think

*18 MNTH* Blackberry 9780 White - 100 Mins, 100 Txts, 1GB Data - £19.31 Per Month @ Into Mobile Phones
Found 3rd Apr 2011Found 3rd Apr 2011
t-mobile, £20.42 a month for 18 months, £20 cashback makes it £19.31 a month. inc. 100mins 100 texts and a choice of booster (internet/bb mail/unlimited texts etc..) This is for … Read more

aww man i was really tempted to get it, seeing the bad reviews changed my mind :( the search continues for a gd deal ;'(


Looks a great deal, too good to be true, and the website is well dodgy so I'll give this a miss.. The SSL certificate for the domain is for an individual as well, NOT a business SSL.


Cashback is not guaranteed, so cost should not be listed with the headline after cashback paid price. Not voting on this; it's already cold, without people posting why they're voting cold, which is unfair on this deal.


no probs, my contract is due to end in 8days, so i was thinking it was excellent.. too good to be true


o, good job you posted that as was gonna buy at end of month. :/

*18 MNTH* Free Nokia 1616 - 100 Mins - Unlimited Txts, T-Mobile Network - £20.42 Per Month + Redemption @ Into Mobile Phones
Found 1st Apr 2011Found 1st Apr 2011
Effective cost: Minus £1.25 - It is cashback by redemption but it ends up them paying you £1.25 over the 18 months… Read more
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In a time of companies folding faster than a room full of poker players, I see this deal going very very cold. If they fold it costs you over £380 - and you are stuck in an 18 month contract with a luckybag phone.


where? link not working

Nokia 1800 - [£20.42 a Month 18 Month Cost - 367.56 @ Into Mobile Phones + 370 Cashback
Found 25th Jan 2011Found 25th Jan 2011
An 18 Month contract with a free Nokia 1800 £20.42 a Month 18 Month Cost - 367.56 Cash back(By Redemption) £370 Total Cost= £-2.44 100 Inclusive Minutes • 100 Inclusive Text… Read more
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you'd get £30 from Quidco CalumUK, they cant take what they havent paid out, so if new member done this deal through quidco they would get £30-£5 quidco fee= £25 on top of the £2.44 for the cash back :{


Don't think its risking worth £370


Just an added point. If new members of Quidco etc do this, the first £5 cashback goes to Quidco, so essentially, you'd be £2.56 down.


People dont like the cash redeption schemes, as they dont always pay out and there normally quite hard to do


Out with Quidco, as its not guaranteed i thought a free phone and £2.47 was a good deal for an admittedly crappy phone? oO with minutes and text every month, if like me its something you use to save you losing your good phone. is there a better deal i am missing? :{