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Introducing Psychology: Psychological Guide to Improve Emotional Intelligence - free Kindle edition @ Amazon
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Introducing Psychology: Psychological Guide to Improve Emotional Intelligence - free Kindle edition @ Amazon

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Posted 15th Feb

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Have you ever wondered why you do the things that you do, or why you feel the way that you feel? You may feel like no one understands your feelings, and because of that, you struggle to get along with others… If this sounds like you, please keep reading.
Introducing Psychology seeks to provide you with a comprehensive background to some of the most common and popular concepts in psychology. In providing concise, easy to understand vocabulary and with the utmost care in choosing the writing that is used, you will find that this book will guide you through solving several difficult topics for humans.
In particular, you will find that this book addresses the problem of procrastination, emotional and thought regulation, relationships, success, and more. Effectively, you will find several activities and tools designed to help you combat each of these problems, effectively teaching you what to expect, why it happens, and how to defeat it, all in one fell swoop.
In reading this book, you may find that you are being prepared to take your first college psychology class, or perhaps you happened to decide that you needed the information provided for any number of reasons. Perhaps your procrastination problem is getting out of hand. Maybe your relationships are starting to struggle. Maybe you are simply at the end of your rope trying to juggle everything and need some actionable advice to help you through the process.
No matter what the reason, within this book, you will find:
• A brief history of psychology, as well as what it is
• How psychology relates closely to psychology
• How emotions impact the emotional state of people
• How to regularly manage your own thoughts and emotions
• How psychology impacts your relationships
• How psychology impacts your chances of success
• How psychology impacts you reattempts to procrastinate.
• Tools designed to help you defeat all of the above listed problems

Now, it can be incredibly tough to be faced with all of these massive problems and wonder and worry about how you could possibly make it a point to actually achieve your goals. Despite the fact that you know that you need to do it, you feel dubious that you can learn any of these skills. Trust me—you can do it. All you need to do is be willing to try. If you put in the effort, you will be able to succeed in life. You will be able to defeat your procrastination with methods such as holding yourself accountable or something. You will be able to make your choices with ease.

If you feel like you are done losing control of your life, or if you feel like you are exhausted and miserable with no real recourse, then there are other options for you to consider as well. No matter what, however, you will win. You will defeat those feelings of self-doubt. All you need to do to get to this point is stop, scroll up right now and click on the bit, BUY NOW button. In doing so, you will be provided with all of the necessary information. You will come out of this battle on top.

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