Introductory Flying Lesson - £85.99 @ Gifted/IWOOT eBay Outlet

Introductory Flying Lesson - £85.99 @ Gifted/IWOOT eBay Outlet

Found 27th Sep 2010
Link seems to be bad? The item ID is 120623980259 or 140456267495

Feel the adrenalin rush as you take the controls of a light plane and soar across the sky! You get one-to-one training with a Civil Aviation Authority licensed instructor, and your flying time counts towards a Private Pilot's licence. Choose either the Introductory option for an introduction to flying or Extended flying for a longer, more in-depth lesson.
Introductory Flying Lesson:
Introduction to flying, aircraft controls and safety
One-to-one training from a CAA licensed instructor
Allow 1 hour for your flying lesson which will include approx 30 mins flying time with the opportunity to take the controls
Experience gift pack including smart wallet, personalised voucher and message card
PA cover to a value of £50,000 plus cancellation indemnity


Errrm the link goes to: This listing () has been removed, or this item is not available.

EDIT: Found it: http://****…ee7

Change the ***** for cgi then a dot then ebay

The ebay bit of the address is removed automatically by this supercilious site because we're not responsible enough adults to work out if an ebay deal is good or bad!!!!!!!!

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£73.95 @ Gifted using the code for £10 discount on a £50 spend in the voucher threads.

link to Gifted online.
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Not sure what's gone on there? The item ID is 120623980259 or … Not sure what's gone on there? The item ID is 120623980259 or 140456267495Going ice cold any ways. I found it cheaper at The Hut for anyone interested... choice of locations, though)

That ones for a Microlight mate. Not the same as a Light Aircraft.


I bought one of these for my dad last year and it was pathetic, he went up with 4 others and got less than 5 mins in the cockpit..... we complained but got nothing so complained to credit card and got our money back.... Check out what you get first
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