Invasion - The Complete Series - 6 DVD set - £12.97
Invasion - The Complete Series - 6 DVD set - £12.97

Invasion - The Complete Series - 6 DVD set - £12.97

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This ABC show quickly established itself as an intriguing sci-fi thriller with a unique twist. Set in Florida, the show begins with a terrifying storm threatening the inhabitants of a small town. After the weather passes, U.S. Park Ranger Russell Varon (Eddie Cibrian) tries to pick up the pieces, but also gets some startling revelations from his daughter who believes that she has seen some mysterious lights hovering by the water as the storm raged. At first, no one pays her any attention. But then the post-storm events take some very strange turns, and Veron is forced to listen to his daughter and to begin investigating some of the eerie occurrences that beset the town. Similar in feel to the various INVASION OF THE BODY SNATCHERS movies, INVASION is packed full of mystery and suspense. The entire first season is collected here.


i loved this series! built up the tension so much all the way to the last episode... left on an amazing cliffhanger... then they cancelled the show!! so don't really know now if its worth anyone even watching but at this price it's cheap and cheerful

Do NOT buy this show if you haven't seen it. It ended on a cliffhanger at the end of Series 1 and then the network canned it.
You will be left feeling VERY disappointed because you will only have seen half a story, and you will never know how it ends.
Big shame really, but that's how American TV works.

Whoa! Do not buy it just because it ends on a cliff-hanger?! Best not by the original Italian Job either then!! Ha!!

I bought Tru Calling knowing it had been cancelled. In fact, at that point it was the only way to see the episodes from Season 2 that were made. It also ended unfinished. If you go into it knowing then it's fine, but obviously annoying all the same.

I really enjoyed it, shame it was cancelled but its well worth a watch. Hot!

Great series!

Loved this series, like others have said it leaves you hanging at the end but I wouldn't not get it at this price because of it. Just think if you do buy it - at least you are aware there won't be another series and you know there is a cliffhanger !!! (unlike those of us who watched it "live") !

Voted Hot

Enjoyed this proggy to start with but lost interest about half way through this series, so I wouldn't bother buying anyway, but at the price, if you like that sort of show its good.

I much prefer Prison Break, Lost and Heroes in that order!


Good TV series, was gutted when they cancelled it. Its worth watching as long as you keep in mind that most of your questions will not be answered when it ends.

Seems to be the norm for me, I start watching something... start to love it and it gets itself cancelled - for example: Invasion, Dead Like Me, Tru Calling, Surface, Firefly, Twin Peeks, Drive, Journeyman, Carnivale and Dark Angel to name a few :-(

Yeh hate it when they pull shows,this was 1 I watched too,dissapointed.

But at least Dead like Me is back for a DVD movie!!

i loved this show - you could tell that it was going to be canned by the sets - they got a little bluescreeny as the shows went on. Shame they cancelled it

This was one of the best sci-fi shows ever - reall well acted - great story....doesn't matter about the cliffhanger - buy this!!

I'm actually glad they cancelled it, and I enjoyed it ending the way it did.

I'm not a sci-fi fan but this was a SF show I actually liked. Was good to have an ending that wasn't all cleancut and everythings back to normal (or the tv/movie industry opposite of just killing everyone).

I absolutely loved this series! Can't believe they just cancelled it!!


I absolutely loved this series! Can't believe they just cancelled it!!

I can I got bored half way through:whistling: I’m getting really picky in my old age:?
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