Invicta and Concord high-end watches at upto 70% off @ Amazon.......

Invicta and Concord high-end watches at upto 70% off @ Amazon.......

Found 10th Sep 2008
This'll probably be voted cold by the "Who'd-pay-that-for-a-watch-?-mob" but I assume there are some HUKDers who will possibly find this useful.
These seem to be high end US branded watches, I'm not too familiar with these -but the discounts seem to check out against rrps on other websites
The one pictured is reduced from a huge £2,850.00 to a less huge £1,140.00 - 60% off.....

Here's the link for the Concord watches:-…=17
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Holly balls!! I would not mind paying £150 for a watch if it at least looked nice ;O) I'll stick to my £60 Fossil one ta Given heat tho as it's one hell of a saving - if you got the money to burn that is

Props to you for enduring the resultant freeze and hate posts
I wouldn't mind paying any amount for a watch.....but lets face it, these watches DO NOT look good !!

I think it's a case of brand over style, I will stick with my Nixon watch.
A great selection with good discount!


Thank you

Christmas present sorted. I love this one. This is not awailable in UK. So simple and so nice. Invicta watches get different reviews, most of them are good, but mind warranty if it's manufacturer. You will need to pay for postage to them and for return. Very good brand, they have history and not just any fashion brand that done in China. In 70's they had huge order form USSR ministry of defence for divers. They still do divers collection. I must say this watch will look great and many people will notice them on your wrist.
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