Invisalign braces - Amazon Deals - £1739 Great price!

Invisalign braces - Amazon Deals - £1739 Great price!

Found 14th Mar 2013
Noticed that Amazon Local Deals have Invisalign braces (upper & lower) including remedial work and consultations for £1739 (from £4000).

As a current user and having paid £3100 for the same thing I can vouch that this IS a cracking price for the market leader in orthodontic treatment of this kind.

Appreciate the audience is limited for this, but for those looking to straighten their teeth it's definitely worth speaking with them.

For the record my Wife also had Invisalign with superb results (partly why I also chose them), I also have 2 colleagues that went the traditional metal "train track" route at the cost of over 3k.

For anybody wondering, they are pretty much invisible (my wife still doesn't know when they're in or out), cause very little pain and don't cause a lisp and random dribbling as metal braces have a tendency to cause.

Worth a call anyway, just check there's no limit on treatment length etc.
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I'll give them a call at 2:30
I used a similar offer to get my Invisalign treatment. One thing worth noting on this one, and it's a good thing, is that it seems to include the retainers after treatment. In my case, this was on top of the discounted price so it makes it that much more. If this truly does include the retainers it's a much better deal.

No idea what the surgery is like though. Fleet Street so therefore reputable?

I'll give them a call at 2:30

Tooth hurty - The universal time to see the dentist
I had these a few years ago. I hated them. Heres my opinion if it helps anyone. These are not for people with really wonky teeth, i had the 2 front ones slightly overlapping and next to them that stuck out - these did not work for me and i was advised afterwards that i should never have been offered them because they wont straighten really wonky teeth. I ended up having invisible train tracks which were 100% better! T
hese are my reasons i didn't like these braces - You have to take them out when you eat (not very attractive when you drag all the saliver out your mouth with them especially in public places) and when you drink (only drink water with them in). They make your teeth ache (i no that means they're working) which made me start to grind my teeth together which damanged the plastic moulds. You have to sleep with them in which is uncomfortable and can make your breath stink! The edges on them are sometimes rough which hurts your tongue. You get a lot of different size moulds which you change every 2 weeks.
The train tracks were so much better and i wish i had just gone for these in the first place as you have no option to take them out and you just get them tightened at the dentist which can hurt overnight but then thats it. Downside to these are you can easily get food stuck in them. I've had them out for about 3 years and i still have to get a mirror out after every meal to check my teeth!
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Obligatory HUKD dumbass comment: Do they keep your trousers up?

Serious comment: Actually a very good deal, my daughter wanted some and we couldn't afford them at the time.
Just to add some balance to xdesirex comment, I'm using Invisalign 2 and compared to the version of Invisalign that my wife used 3 years ago they are HUGELY advanced, thinner, much, much higher resolution mouldings.

My teeth are actually categorised as cross-bite which my dentist suggested was actually the hardest to correct, I'm led to believe it will take me 12+ months to get a perfect smile, currently I'm 2.5 months in and have noticed already a big difference. Obviously they're dealt with on a case by case basis and as advised by your dentist.

-Take them out when you eat: Yes, you need to do this for anything other than sucking a sweet.
-When you drink: Yes, for very hot drinks, I actually don't bother for Tea/Coffee and instead let it cool a little.
-You have them in with your sleep: Correct me if I'm wrong but nobodies breath is fresh in the morning, moot point. Put some tooth paste in the brace before you apply it if you want to be super diligent.
-They ache: When you have a new brace, sure if aches for a few hours... this is no better/worse than train tracks.
-Edges on moulds sharp: Not for me, perhaps a sign of the advancement in the product - as per above mine are a huge improvement on the older models my wife had.

Conclusion, each to their own... :o)
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