Invisible Ink Pen with UV light @gearbest w/code 75p

Invisible Ink Pen with UV light @gearbest w/code 75p

Found 21st Dec 2017
Use code : Xmas354

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There is no need to download their app. Just use the code above at checkout to get the price

Invisible Ink Pen Indicating with Blue LED

It writes with invisible ink made of special high-brightness ultraviolet viable compounds. This means the ink is completely invisible under normal light! Once the message has been written in invisible ink, it is time for the blacklight. So technically it is not really a BLACK light, but that's the popular term for ultraviolet energy. Near the visible spectrum of light. Flip the pen over, shine the light on the spot where the ink was used and your hidden message will be illuminated.

Main Features:
● You can use it to make a joke with your friends, that will be interesting
● Powered by 3 x AG3 button batteries (included)
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It's actually £1.47 but is reduced 75p only if you download and use their app.


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The_IMF6 m ago

What's the code?

Don't know it's written in invisible ink
What's the code?
The_IMF1 m ago

What's the code?

The_IMF6 m ago

What's the code?

Don't know it's written in invisible ink
Not sure what I'll use it for, but I know I definitely need one.
Apparently it was used to write a list of the benefits of HS2 but unfortunately use of the backlight still shows a blank sheet of paper......
That ink pen isn’t invisible at all. Cold!!!
Cold. Much cheaper to make your own using semen, like MI6-used-bodily-fluids-as-invisible-ink.html did.
Cheap pointless tat that I'd use once and discard.

Or you can get it from zapals for £0.15…tml

I bought a whole bunch of things from their free page, and have just started having them arrive - look to be seconds that couldn't be sold for full price, but are still mostly ok.
Yay I can then.find where my crafty cat has peed up my furniture and get rid of the stink! Worth every penny of 75p
In an effort to get gearbest to sort issues some info for everyone.
I have bought lots of stuff from them and generally good, but when it goes wrong its a mountain to climb.

However recent android box went wrong. First remote then box. Gearbest customer service woes started.
Offered a couple of quid refund and no joy, or even understanding of English through gearbest ticket system, next to useless.
Escalated to paypal, eventually full offer of refund.
Eventually through paypal offered a UK return address for info (gearbest ticket system contradicted what they were saying through paypal)

Weiwen Luo
Woodgate Business Park,
Clapgate Lane,
Bartley Green
B32 3BZ
United Kingdom
Phone: 07780841791

They then repeatedly refused delivery from courier. One could interpret this as a device to 'pretend' to offer refund then refuse to accept the returned goods. No goods return=no refund to pay.
Only when I refused final paltry offer from through paypal, (after they had previously offered full refund) did the return that mysteriously had been repeatedly rejected, was now accepted, on the day Paypal ruled in my favour for full return of money.

So if everyone uses paypal for payment and escalation, keeps full records, they will compel gearbest to fully refund. If everyone does this then maybe gearbest will sort it properly.
Hope this helps.
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