Invitation for tickets for AFRIKA AFRIKA is back on again for 30/4/08 (tomorrow)
Invitation for tickets for AFRIKA AFRIKA is back on again for 30/4/08 (tomorrow)

Invitation for tickets for AFRIKA AFRIKA is back on again for 30/4/08 (tomorrow)




Tented Palaces next to the O2, Peninsula Square, London, SE10 0DX, United Kingdom

Follow the link & fill in the form to 'request' free tickets

( You will receive an email confirmation after submitting the form.

Within the next few days you will receive a second email confirming the actual ticket acquisition if you have been successful).


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[FONT=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]In its review of AFRIKA! AFRIKA!, German magazine Der Spiegel called the show a “kingdom of the travelling entertainers and a paradise for the zest of life.[/FONT]
[FONT=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]With this show, says television station ZDF, André Helle is doing the audience, the artists and a whole continent a favor. Its a rarity, but the critics are unanimous about this circus-style theatre. The Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung even said, “Doctors should be allowed to prescibe visits to AFRIKA! AFRIKA![/FONT]
[FONT=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]The show was sold out shortly after its world premiere on 14 December 2005, in Frankfurt. Some 128,000 people saw the show within a few weeks. In Hamburg, the tours second stop, the audience was thrilled. The German daily Die Welt said, “There are no worries here. The tent was shaking with cheers and applause by the third scene.[/FONT]
[FONT=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]
André Hellers sensual discovery of Africa fascinates the audience with its tempo, energy and the zest of life that is oozing out of the tent. The troupe travelled through Africa for two years between Mali and Morocco, and Egypt and South Africa, to all the coasts and the heart of the continent. They even searched the African diaspora for more than 100 artists, eccentrics, dancers, singers and musicians who had that special something.This circus theatre offers sensous pleasure to children and adults, workers and intellectuals. Unbelievable acrobatics, intoxicating rhythms and costumes of exceptional beauty will entrance you for more than two hours. The pole artists from the troupe “Hakuna Matata, (Swahili for no worries here) will have you holding your breath as they elegantly swing back and forth on poles, nearly touching the top of the tent, while other dancers build a dizzingly high human pyramid. Body eccentrics bend and curve into proud snake-like formations: Feet become hands and hands become feet in a rare spectacle known only to the African tradition of cult-like mastery of bodily movements. The so-called water man, Dickson Oppong, makes bowls dance on top of a metre-high fountain which is spewing from his mouth. Juggling ten balls at once is no problem for Abdurazak Reshid Adem. He takes his tarp and throws the balls in the air so fast that you would think they were remaining airborne the entire time. An Egyptian circus star swirls his swords through the air at top speeds, suspending them over the backs, shoulders and arms of the dancers. It is the combination of courage and the artists physical control that is so elegant.The two female artists in the segment, “Mama Africa, are diametrically opposed opposites. They lay on their backs and are moved around in circles at a rash tempo as they juggle heavy furniture with their feet as if it were an air-filled ball. Then an 11-member group of unicyclists appears and begins playing a surreal game of basketball on wheels, combining physical prowess and comedy. They are accompanied throughout the arena by a strong beat. Visitors can relax again when they enjoy trapeze artist Jean-Claude Belmat. That is, they can relax until they begin to get dizzy with the feeling that they, too, are swinging back and forth above the stage, body parallel to the ground, going round and round the trapeze bar until it reaches the dome of the tent. A combination of traditional and modern music enchants all these performances, including the entrances of the athletic dancers when they make off with the audience on a journey to the “continent of awe.[/FONT]

does anyone know if there will be any for the 16th 17th may? cause would love some then.

Went a couple of months ago due to HOTUK posting. Brill show sat in front row and all for free. When we went we went in the first car park which was priced at £20 but a nice man on the gate directed us to a nearer car park specifically for Africa Africa attendees! I think, which was only £5. A real bargain. 15 year old daughter thought it was cool also! Got caught uop with X-factor live show when we came out but this was part of the fun!:thumbsup:

This link is always running, the dates just change accordingly so you should be able to get tickets for the 7th May - just keep checking the link till you see the day you want.

When you get there, go and park in Car Park 2 which costs £6 and you need to have the £6 in change as it is a pay and display car park.
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