Invizimals - with Camera (PSP) - £19.99 @ Amazon

Invizimals - with Camera (PSP) - £19.99 @ Amazon

Found 15th Mar 2010
Currently the lowest price I can find. Other prices:

ShopTo.Net £26.85
Tesco £27.14
zavvi £27.85
The HUT £27.93

Includes PSP Go!Cam camera

See your home like you've never seen it before - full of creatures that are only visible through a PSP Go!Cam camera. Invizimals invites you on a weird and wonderful hunt for the virtual creatures that the camera will pick up as you move around - locate them with the game's built-in sensor, creep up on them - and trap as many as possible!

> Use the PSP Go!Cam camera to hunt down invisible animals and capture them
> Pit your Invizimals against each other or enjoy multiplayer fights with friends
> Learn new attacks, power up, and evolve your Invizimals
> Trade Invizimals and magical items with your friends or online

and don't forget your Nectar points........!

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Just a warning to people with CFW the camera included with this will not work on your system.
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