Iomega 1TB 3.5" External Hard Drive from Comet - £52.25
Iomega 1TB 3.5" External Hard Drive from Comet - £52.25

Iomega 1TB 3.5" External Hard Drive from Comet - £52.25

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There are other similar deals but they are either expired or the price is wrong.

The 5HD 5% discount is valid for everyone, whether collecting in store or for home delivery.

The advertised price of £55 is then reduced to £52.25.


There are some who claim these Iomega drives have bad reviews, I've bought a dozen of these for friends and family, all continue to work flawlessly, but like any other hard drive with magnetic media and moving parts they will fail eventually. The drives inside are Samsung HD103SI. Everything I've read say these are perfectly good drives and have a failure rate no higher or lower than any other hard drive manufacturer.

I've searched to find news stories with mass failures of these and other Iomega drives but I can't find any, only the odd individual failure on a message board, and as I said, at no higher a rate than any other of the leading manufacturers.

As a rule, any backups of files you can't afford to lose should be made to more than 1 location, in the event of a failure of one of those locations, you can then make another backup. Comet as a retailer has always given me excellent customer service and when I've needed to return faulty items, this has been hassle free, unlike other leading high street computer retailers.

I anticipate a discussion about the relative merits of these drives, all I would ask is that people back up any claims they make and point us to the source of these claims.

Here is a review of the Samsung HD103SI drive which is installed inside the Iomage case:


Edited to point out that Quidco or Topcashback give 3% cashback, bringing the price down to £50.69.


the WD elements from Amazon is only 51.91
wd elements @ amazon

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the WD elements from Amazon is only 51.91wd elements @ amazon

I'll 'see' your Amazon deal saving 34 pence and 'raise' you a Quidco or Topcashback giving 3% cashback (£1.56) at Comet and bringing the price of this drive down to £50.69!

There's no cashback available for Amazon.

Also If you live near a Comet (I do), you don't have to wait for delivery, just order online to collect in store and you have it within 30 minutes.

still, doesn't bring Iomega's reputation to that of WD
plus, i've always had best service from amazon..and they are actually on top of my list....but that's a personal preference of course...

when it comes to components that are susceptible to unexpected failures, like hdd's...I'd rather spend a bit more and make sure the after-sale is hassle-free

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If you could point to a reliable source that says Iomega/Samsung drives have a worse reputation than Western Digital drives, please do so.

Both WD & Samsung give a 3 years manufacturers warranty. It's not like WD are making their drives out of titanium & kevlar.

From everything I've read, WD drives are just as good/bad as any of the other major manufacturers of hard drives.

Modern faster, hard drives with larger capacities do seem to fail earlier than slower, older smaller drives did, but they will all fail eventually, moving parts will always wear out. Nothing I've read says that Samsung drives are more likely to fail earlier than WD drives.

Personal preference is fine, but to state that as a fact of poor build quality and dodgy manufacturing processes leading to mass failures, without pointing us in the direction of the proof of this corporate malpractice, makes it hard to believe.

Of course you're entitled to your opinion, but if you want to convince anybody that you are right, you need to find the articles and paste the web link here so we too can see the evidence.

well defended

I have both the Iomega and the WD and the WD is better IMO just because it auto switches on/off (to idle mode) with your computer, with the Iomega I have to physically unplug it from the mains which is a pain.


Expired why?

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Expired why?

I just added an end date and that un-expired it.
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