Iomega 400GB USB 2.0 Desktop Hard Drive £60.81 delivered

Iomega 400GB USB 2.0 Desktop Hard Drive £60.81 delivered

Found 6th Mar 2007
Simple, cost effective storage - Iomega's 400 GB - 3.5" Silver Series Hard Drive is the affordable way to save your precious memories - save up to 1,200,000 photos, 5,550 hours of music, or 450 hours of video. Not only is this drive economical but it is very easy-to-use and preformatted for simple set up - just plug and play.
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Oh Mikey, I was just about to post that! Nice price :thumbsup:
Excellent price Mike
Don't forget Quidco at 5%
Excellent price, especially as I was going to order another of the Freecom 400gb units for £99 from today! I just hope the Iomega is as quiet as the Freecom unit.

Excellent price, especially as I was going to order another of the … Excellent price, especially as I was going to order another of the Freecom 400gb units for £99 from today! I just hope the Iomega is as quiet as the Freecom unit.

Iomega receives +ive feedback ;-)

Welcome to HUKD bigajm :thumbsup:
Bargain Thx

(15.2p/GB! That's amazing..!)
Been looking for ages for a reasonable priced drive. This blasts all the offers ive seen out of the water. Just bought myself one.

Thanks. Voted HOT HOT HOT
Gone for one - fantastic price. Voted hot and many thanks to the OP.
Great price. Anyone knows which brand of hard drive is inside, how many buffers it has and whether the cover is a plastic or metal? Thanks!
Amamamamaziiiing! Thankyou loads

Oops... still managed to forget Quidco, lol. As a side note I found their online order form pretty sprawling, perhaps they should break it up into multiple screens?
Tempted between this and a 250gb MyBook from eBuyer for £59.99 delivered. Ok, 150gb extra is pretty tempting but I firstly don't think I will use that much space and secondly this drive looks pretty ugly in comparison. Decisions decisions!
Thanks Op, ordered and voted hot.
Great price!
I was desperately in the need of a brand new drive and your deal came just in time, I have just ordered mine.

Thanks Mike, good price! :thumbsup:
Great to see you posting goodycool
10:15 - I've just had a call from Misco, cancelling my order for this item. They claimed it was "out of stock". I wonder if it was a misprice?
Damn! I just placed my order for two! (It was in their Liquidation section so probably not a mis-price, just clearance stock.)
I've definitely got my fingers crossed, in desperate need of storage thanks to the recent failure of my external drive.
They are notorious for doing cancelling orders(another reason I didn't go for this). Their stock control system is extremely poor.
Yep just got the dreaded call myself, order cancelled
My Order has just been cancelled too....

Gutted... What an excuse "The product has come to the end of it line" .

What !!!

Anyone got a similar offer.
Expired guys.

Was just gonna order one too.

Anyone know where the next cheapest is? (between 400-500gb)? Oh yea, and one with an on/off button? Many thanks lol.

I have just had the phone call from Misco - bummer!
Ahh, dreaded phone call. At least he seemed rather amused when I mentioned we were all discussing it on HUKD Shame.
Order also cancelled - no luck!! Yet again poor service from a major online retailer!
No longer available to order, same old story they obviously got the price wrong. Trouble with websites like this is that when everybody starts to order they realise there mistake !
Welcome to HUKD goodycool & bigajm
boo, mine was just cancelled as well. was hoping id get away with it as i ordered some other stuff at the same time as well.

they couldn't offer anything like that type of space for less than 150 quid when i asked. i think i'll end up with the 99 pound amazon 500GB western digital ones
ordered one at about 1000-just had same phone call saying they only had few in stock and now sold out-thought it was too good to be true!!:whistling: order cancelled and hopefully no payment out my account!

i'll keep my eyes open for other offer!:roll:
I paid via Paypal, so if they cancel my order will they just refund the payment back to paypal? Anyone know how long that usually takes?
I also paid by Paypal and was assured by Misco that my card wouldn't be charged. However, my Paypal account is showing payment has been made. I'll be calling them back this afternoon to ask them to sort this out.
That is a shame!
Can they do that and offer no compensation?
Customers should not be affected by their poor stock system!
Anyway, I am in the need of one of these, so I'll keep on searching for the bargain!
Back in stock it says, just placed an order. We'll see what happens
just ordered two (again) - here's hoping...
just had my order cancelled (again) - oh well...
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