iomega 500Gb external HDD £119.99 (Staples - In-store)
iomega 500Gb external HDD £119.99 (Staples - In-store)

iomega 500Gb external HDD £119.99 (Staples - In-store)

Buy forBuy forBuy for£119.99
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Seen on the shelf at Staples and in the current catalogue.

I can never find anything on the Staples website so I haven't bothered looking I confess!

Catalogue Number: 386394


Not on website. You sure??? 500gb for £120 seems rather good.


Not in my local store - was there earlier today and the only one there was £169 :-(

Maybe tomorrow?

Added a logo to the post, and a price to thread title. I don't think it's online either... unless you can look in the catalogue and see a special code?

It's there if you look!!

Nice spot Tenex


I'm going on a search tomorrow!

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The Xmas catalogue states its an introductory offer reduced from £169.99.

Can anyone read the cat number on the flyer to order online?
Tried to decipher it but none worked.

Nice find Tenex Thanks for this! Excellent price for 500Gb and I think there's a £10 discount coupon mentioned in another thread [don't know if can be used against this though].

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Can anyone read the cat number on the flyer to order online?Tried to … Can anyone read the cat number on the flyer to order online?Tried to decipher it but none worked.

Try 386394. Hadn't noticed it or would have posted it earlier.

396304 is what it looks like to me

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I have the catalogue in front of me it's as I posted above.

Or 386304 .

Ah I see :roll: Thanks ;-)

None of the codes work for me :-(

Does anyone get:

An error has occurred:
Please correct/check the highlighted item number(s)

When trying to enter the catalogue number and adding to basket?

I think it's an in-store only offer as the title suggests.

Got one today - much appecitated!

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Got one today - much appecitated!

Can you review it? I have no idea how iomega drives perform.


Got one today - much appecitated!

Can you let us know who the manufacturer of the actual disk drive is. If the disk is made by Samsung then i will definately buy one to remove and fit in my Topfield PVR.

Thanks... Del

I'm not sure how valid my review will be but here goes!

There is a basic maunal in the box - says how to connect up and turn it on in more languages than most of us will need.... Also included is a USB cable which is about 60 cm - a little short for my needs :-( - and a power cable and block which is akin to a laptop cable / transformer block.

My machine recognised it straight away as an Iomega 500GB hard drive and was ready to use straight away.

Shows up in disk managament as 465.76GB which is about right so from there I formatted it as NTFS.

I copied a 10GB disk image to it in 2 minus 11 secs

Copied back to PC in 1 min 48.... :shock:?

It runs fairly quietly but the fan makes a little noise. I only notice it because my PC is silent due to some passive cooling :thumbsup:

I have no idea who made the disk that is in it - if anyone knows how to tell I will find out and report back.

Hope that helps... Dio


Line six should read:

I copied a 10gb disk image in 2 mins 11 secs

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Thanks for that - very useful.

Hi, can any one send me the £10 off voucher please. Many Thanks

[SIZE=2]I think the printable voucher has expired. but if anyone have saves the voucher, could you send me 1 please[/SIZE]

hi there, picked it up last night from staples, fairly quiet. transferring 13gig, taking about 20mins

Thanks for the feedback thecount

new member here but i have used this site for about 3 months and i have saved alot of money thanks to the members.

so onto the HDD, first of its instore deal. i picked up two one for me and 1 for bro. so got it home plugged it in and about 1min later (dont kno why) it showed up so went to management to check the drive and change the letter and it was fat so i changed it to ntfs.

465.76GB usable and its a Seagate drive, doesnt say but on device management its ST and all my drives are seagate. its code is ST3500841A and i have the 120,160,400 versions and never had a problem so i would have to say this is a good buy.

the power brick is inline with the ones used on my icy box or laptops, the cable is long but like the post above says its short.

performance wise its fine, think i transfer 80gb and time said 122min(sound right?)

not sure about spec to spec but the nearest 500gb seagate (not external)on scan is £138 and the same iomega on dabs is £117+P&P(no stock).

it may not look sexy next to my icy box hds but its lots of storage at a decent price. it does get warm (not sure about a fan but theres no vents for a fan, i leave my pc on so cant tell if ther is a fan), could have done with a stand to put it on its edge rather than on its bottom to help cooling but it will do.

i never brought an iomega product but i have faith in the drive.

Thanks very much for the feedback soltakr and Welcome to HotUKDeals by the way!
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