Iomega Prestige 1.5TB £84.99 delivered with 3 years warranty @ Comet + quidco
Iomega Prestige 1.5TB £84.99 delivered with 3 years warranty @ Comet + quidco

Iomega Prestige 1.5TB £84.99 delivered with 3 years warranty @ Comet + quidco

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I saw these were back in stock this morning for store collection or free delivery. There are no discount codes but at this price this is a great quality HDD! I picked one up and returned my Iomega select. This has the Samsung F3 inside so a very high quality drive in my experience.

Don't forget quidco!

Register online for 3 years warranty!!


Could you take the drive out and use it as an internal drive?


Could you take the drive out and use it as an internal drive?

Theres no reason why you cant, but it wont be as fast as most internal drives if used as the primary OS drive, so id probably advise against it.

Cheers. Just had a look at the spec and it's only got an 8mb cache. I doubt very much that it has a Samsung F3 inside. Had a quick look at the USB 3.0 drives that are starting to show up and they are very fast. I guess that drives like this are going to get cheaper quite soon.

Anyone know if this has got an auto power down when you switch the PC off, hibernate mode when not in use or one touch back up?

i have the 500gb version of this, and it does not switch off when i power the pc down, it still has the light on on the side, the drive may well spin down when not in use though, havent really paid that much attention to it.

oh goodie ... USB 3 hipe, great, more marketting crap to be thrown our way, claiming usb 3 will be the best thing since sliced bread ... bo**ox, firewire was and probably still will be better (FW800 at least)

I have 1TB version of it and it remain ON as well.

Yes i have 2 of the 500GB versions (pirchased when they where £37)

They stop spinning when not in use even when pc is powered up and obviously stop spinning when the pc is powered down.

Light always on when powered up (very bright white) very past flash on data transfer.

Agree with the USB 3 Hype no good if your motherboard deosn't have USB 3, the average home user does need massive data transfer rates, are you designing the next concord or producing the next Pixar animated film ???? USB 2 is fine even for you Hardcore gamers

I used to swicth mine off every time i powered down the pc with the rocker switch on the back of the drive, but cant be arsed anymore just leave on as i dont want to **** them up switch on off on all the time because believe me the will **** up doing this.

very nice drives, nice metal cases, good trusted brand

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I doubt very much that it has a Samsung F3 inside.

I said it does have the F3 inside, I didn't say I think it has it inside. I own this drive, I checked what it had in it before I posted the deal. This drive does not auto power off but it does spindown. The Select drive seems to spin whenever it feels like it and doesn't have a power switch, I had my select drive spinning up in the middle of the night when it hadn't been used for hours, very annoying!

I just sold mine (500GB version) for what i paid for it, and ordered a 1TB Seagate :w00t:

Turning it off each time you power your pc down can also lead to an issue or two, if you jump the gun and power it down while windows is shutting down, you'll get various volume data corrupt messages and data loss warnings, even if you have it set to no cache and removable !

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I had the Seagate Blackarmor 2TB but that wouldn't shutdown properly with the PC an after less than a month it managed to stop working, it was not even recognised over ESATA like it had been before. I guess there isn't a external out there which is working perfectly yet, bring on large SSDs!

I stand corrected.

But I am still a little confused. The specs on the F3 do not match these or have I really got it completely wrong?

I have this drive it is not F3, it is F2

ATA Device Properties:
Serial Number
Revision 1AG01118
World Wide Name 5-0024E9-0028A99E1
Device Type SATA-II @ Sunplus
Parameters 2907021 cylinders, 16 heads, 63 sectors per track, 554 bytes per sector
LBA Sectors 2930277168
Buffer 32767 KB (Dual Ported, Read Ahead)
Multiple Sectors 16
ECC Bytes 4
Unformatted Capacity 1548170 MB
ATA Standard ATA/ATAPI-7
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