Iomega Prestige 320GB Portable Hard Drive @ ebuyer - £57.09 delivered

Iomega Prestige 320GB Portable Hard Drive @ ebuyer - £57.09 delivered

Found 22nd Oct 2008Made hot 23rd Oct 2008
The pocket sized USB powered Iomega prestige portable hard drive requires no external power supply, just plug it in an go. With the drop shock feature, the Iomega prestige portable hard drive is rugged and flexible enough to safely store large amounts of data in tough travel environments. It also includes EMC® Retrospect HD software (via download) to protect all your files. This is a great travel companion that lets you take your files, photos and music anywhere.

Super Durable - Extremely durable with DropGuard feature
Compact - Ultra portable, fits easily into a shirt pocket
Easy to use - USB 2.0 interface available with no external power supply required


v.good deal

me thinks so too - dunno why not hotter ...


me thinks so too - dunno why not hotter ...

Might be because of the time and it's a weeknight ;-)

Very hot. Good price for the capacity and it's a neat looking little thing, too! :thumbsup:

Looks a good deal to me.

Nice size for the capacity.

good price, voted hot. i paid 69.99 from pc world for my 320gb wd passport.

Hmm, I can't decided on which is the best deal, this or the Seagate Freeagent go 250GB drive for £49.99 post earlier :thinking:…084

The Iomega may look a bit better and you get 70GB more space for a couple of quid more (debatable if i would need that much) but the Seagate drive has a whopping 5 year warranty so it must be pretty reliable, it also has lots of reviews, where as with the Iomega I can't find any.

Thoughts anyone?

As far as im aware Iomega dont make hard drives, just the housing. My iomega 250gb external has an hitachi HD inside, which hasnt failed me in the last couple of years!

Id go for the iomega! .. if its fails out of warranty.. just stick a new segate in ;o

Iomega price up to £64.99inc vat now.
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