Iomega Select 1TB External Hard Drive £45.96 @ Staples
Iomega Select 1TB External Hard Drive £45.96 @ Staples

Iomega Select 1TB External Hard Drive £45.96 @ Staples

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A good reliable make for a 1TB external drive.
If you find it cheaper please advise.


COLD- price is excluding VAT!!!

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COLD- price is excluding VAT!!!

Thanks mate nearly ordered as I was waiting for a cheaper price.
Back to the drawing board.

£44.99 Inc VAT from Comet. mobile.comet.co.uk/p/3…703?cm_mmc=Google+Shopping-_-Feed-_-_3.5_inch_Desktop_Hard_Drive-_-688703_IOMEGA_34968&_$ja=tsid:8360%7Ccc:%7Cprd:34968%7Ccat:_3.5_inch_Desktop_Hard_Drive

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£44.99 Inc VAT from … £44.99 Inc VAT from Comet.http://mobile.comet.co.uk/p/3.5-inch-Desktop-Hard-Drive/buy-IOMEGA-34968-3.5-inch-Desktop-Hard-Drive/688703?cm_mmc=Google+Shopping-_-Feed-_-_3.5_inch_Desktop_Hard_Drive-_-688703_IOMEGA_34968&_$ja=tsid:8360%7Ccc:%7Cprd:34968%7Ccat:_3.5_inch_Desktop_Hard_Drive

Now thats HOT
Cheers has it been posted before if not then please do so

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£54 including VAT,1TB Western Digital from Amazon for £49.99 d … £54 including VAT,1TB Western Digital from Amazon for £49.99 delivered.Could be cheaper alternatives too - I've not looked elsewhere.

Thanks Will keep looking


£44.99 Inc VAT from Comet. … £44.99 Inc VAT from Comet. http://mobile.comet.co.uk/p/3.5-inch-Desktop-Hard-Drive/buy-IOMEGA-34968-3.5-inch-Desktop-Hard-Drive/688703?cm_mmc=Google+Shopping-_-Feed-_-_3.5_inch_Desktop_Hard_Drive-_-688703_IOMEGA_34968&_$ja=tsid:8360%7Ccc:%7Cprd:34968%7Ccat:_3.5_inch_Desktop_Hard_Drive

Crazy that - just took the mobile part of that address out and replaced with WWW and it comes up with this:

"Sorry to keep you waiting

Our website is very busy at the moment and your request has been put in a queue. To ensure you keep your place, please do not press refresh or navigate away from this page.

What happens next?

This page will refresh every 30 seconds to check your place in the queue. We expect the total waiting time to be about 2 minutes. After this time, you will be able to continue as normal and we won't keep you waiting again."

bloody marvellous idea ...X)

So what is the best buy at the moment for a 1TB, considering reliability/quality in the price?

I'm looking to buy too but just have no idea what to go for oO
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