ION Audio Max LP Record Player NOW £49.99 (was £79.00) @ Amazon

ION Audio Max LP Record Player NOW £49.99 (was £79.00) @ Amazon

Found 18th Mar 2016
ION Audio Max LP Record Player - Vinyl turntable with USB digital conversion Audio and built-in stereo speakers - Wood (Sold & Shipped by Amazon)
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Tempted, but I really don't miss my LPs. Miss one or two unavailable singles, though. One such "Belladonna Moonshine" by Audience. The album version is nowhere near as good, and single unavailable off YouTube X)
Phil, can help you out here, PM sent
I cant think of anything worse speakers in a turntable..i dread to think how it will sound with the feedback.
There are quite a few acetates and white labels which I don't have as WAVs so I've taken a punt on this. I'll be running it through my Cambridge stereo so doubt I'll ever use the built-in speakers.

Thanks for sharing...the one day I didn't read the Deals of the Day email!
Save yourself the money and do your vinyl a favour and avoid my son got one of these over Christmas and took it back vey very poor sound etc
I bought it at Christmas for my Dad, it works great and has good sound also!
I can't rate these vinyl players with speakers in at all. The quality isn't great and you can't turn them off which then spoils it if you want to output through external speakers. I received one similar to this over Xmas and it got sent back. I now have an old Sony PS-J20.
These things are awful, poor sound quality and they will ruin your vinyl, but a decent one the play your vinyl on
Technics 1210 all the way.
Thanks, have been waiting for the price to come down on this. Had £25 credit from OVO energy sign up, so £24.99 for this to play my old vinyl on will do me
The £99 one kicks out a Bluetooth signal! Now that's something I could do with- simply power the turntable on the shelf and have it wirelessly send the music to my demon amp, damn, now I'm gonna have to get one that does that!
This is going back. Skips badly, yet the iTTUSB I have from Ion is excellent and has better features, albeit a plastic body. I checked using the same records and no skipping.

Not the upgrade I was hoping for. Avoid.
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