[iOS] Free 'Picsew' Screenshot Stitching App £0 @ iTunes (Was £0.99)

[iOS] Free 'Picsew' Screenshot Stitching App £0 @ iTunes (Was £0.99)

Found 3rd Mar 2018
Picsew can automatically merge multiple screenshots to a single long screenshot!

Has the leading automatic stitching success rate among the same kind of products.
You can choose manually stitching, dealing with more complex situations.
You can choose any photo, no limit on the selection count.
Supports both vertical and horizontal stitching.
Contains Web Snapshot Action Extension, make web page screenshot in one tap.
Contains Notification Center Widget, make long screenshot without opening app.
Supports high resolution photo stitching and output.
Supports cleaning status bar.
Supports adding copyright watermark, pixelate and device shell.
Minimal interface design, no advertising.
Universal application, compatible with iPhone and iPad.
Picsew can be automatically stitch:

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Why not. Heat
An iPhone app and hot - they don't usually go together Where are the iHaters ! Good spot OP, just downloaded by the way.
Thanks! Will give this a go I think
Lulz to the griefers negging!
hot! reminds me of how my lenovo had vertical screenshot stitching built in to the android OS, was a great feature when need to screenshot a page that didn't all fit on the scren
now 49p
Expired as on 06 March 0000 hrs
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