IP Man (Blu-ray) - £6.99 @ Amazon

IP Man (Blu-ray) - £6.99 @ Amazon

Found 2nd Mar 2011Made hot 3rd Mar 2011
loved this movie


Is he v6?


Is he v6?

Don't worry - I got it. I think he's V4 looking at a quick route print

fantastic movie! ordered thanks


same price at HMV, but with quidco and also Pure points.

It looks like the whole Cine Asia range is available on promotion at the moment - £5 on DVD and £6.99 on blu-ray at Play and Amazon, a bit less at Sainsbury's. HMV is cheaper on some lines, more expensive on others.

One of the best Kung Fu movies I've watched in a long time!! HOT!!

Get the ass-kicking started!
Have some heat, great movie.

Just as I finished watching the 2nd one.

He is an amazing fighter, my favorite fighting movie. Great price!

One of the best movies I have ever seen!! Hugeee heat

Donnie Yen is amazing in this movie.

love wing chun have some heat ;oDDDDDDD

def. 1 of the best wing chun movies xD

This is up there with Donnie Yen's best work, stunning on Blu-ray.

what the hell does a guy working in Intellectual Property have to do with a good fillm.... people will buy anything these days

Very good movie. heat added

awesome film can't wait to get ip man 2 on blu-ray, I have a big collection of asian movies and i recommend the movie true legend its one of the best I've seen!

awesome movie - I still need to get round to watching the 2nd one

Recommend! Heat!

IP man?
Is it to do with getting internets?

Easy Action Baby

IP man?Is it to do with getting internets?

Haw Haw.


Great movie, I love Chinese Kungfu!!
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