iPad 1 Classic 16Gb Wi-Fi at Carphone Warehouse £164.50
iPad 1 Classic 16Gb Wi-Fi at Carphone Warehouse £164.50

iPad 1 Classic 16Gb Wi-Fi at Carphone Warehouse £164.50

Buy forBuy forBuy for£164.50
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Great price, possible £15 Quidco too?

£15 quidco for standalone tablet sales.
- ghost101

32gb link-carphonewarehouse.com/mob…2GB

64gb link-carphonewarehouse.com/mob…4GB

- kylewalker

Already posted along with losts of other deals here hotukdeals.com/dea…501
- notreallyhere

Already posted, this needs spammed
- Bully

thanks to - Bryan839
- davver99


surely a mis price ? its half price HOT!!!!!

This will get scorching.

instore ?

where'e the buy it button??


Posted already as part of the clearance deals.

Original Poster

I bought one of the re-furbs from Apple for £289 for me a few months ago, then another one as a gift for someone 2 weeks ago

there is no buy button!

Id be amazed if anywhere had any stock left. Offer started at 9am this morning as part of the Clearance deals.

Only available in larger stores. Surrey Quays and Oxford Streen in London. Both are sold out.


there is no buy button!

yep, not much of a deal when you can't buy iy

£199 for the 32gb too....

Ordered thanks.

how did you order?

Ordered online...


plus £11.99 a month

ordered HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wowza. Ordered, thanks OP. Don't want it for myself but I'm sure someone will!

You can order online for delivery to home address, I just did?


plus £11.99 a month

Thats for the geek squad service

ordered, untick the box for £11.99 month contract

Ordered two (had to be on separate cards as it limits you to one per order).

Got to take off the Geek Squad ****

ordered ta

sorry the monthly cost can be taken off by removing the tick box.
cracking deal


plus £11.99 a month

It's sim free. £164.50 is the total cost.

ordered HOT!

ordered one, many thanks

Fantastic price, but I have no money left lol oh well... Good for those that can get it!


They're getting about 10,000 online orders every two hours (at least by comparing my two order numbers)

Am I being stupid? I can't see a "buy" button...

Hotter than Cheryl Cole agent's collar :P


whats the better deal the 16gb for 164.50 or the 32gb for £199.50

How do you order?!


there is no buy button!

Go on IE9, it'll miraculously appear =)

Hope it comes!

ordered...had no money but what the hey....


plus £11.99 a month

Or just deselect that option...

Super hot, like above post no money but can't resist at this price! Thanks OP!

Surely a misprice?
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