iPad 3Gs starting from £199 with 2-year contract (£25/mth) @ Orange
iPad 3Gs starting from £199 with 2-year contract (£25/mth) @ Orange

iPad 3Gs starting from £199 with 2-year contract (£25/mth) @ Orange

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iPads with WiFi + 3G being subsidised by Orange UK if you sign up to a 24-month contract at £25/month (existing) or £27/month (new):

16GB: £199
32GB: £249
64GB: £349

1GB anytime data; 1GB quiet time data (midnight-4pm); unlimited BT OpenZone Wi-Fi

NOTE: only registering for interest at the moment


This product will be outdated before you know it.
2 years will give you time to save for iPad 4 i guess. oO

Final price is £800! You can get mobile internet if needed with many companies for £5 to £10 a month.....For those reasons freezing cold.
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So, £199 for the iPad and £27 a month for 2 years (if you're not already an Orange customer). Giving a grand total of: £847
A 16G 3G iPad is £529 so you're actually paying £318 for a 2 year mobile contract. That's effectively £13.25 a month. Some might think being locked into a 2 year deal at £13.25 a month (effectively), ain't bad. Personally I'd never get the use out of 3G to make it effective and considering factors such as speed, I'd rather stick to WiFi
It's horses for courses again.
Not voting.

makes more sense just to get a 3G sim-free iPad and a £5/£10 sim only contract, works out cheaper over 2 years as mentioned. contracts with devices attached are generally always a rip off

Rip-off as others have said!

Terrible deal. Buy sim-free and then add a sim later if needed.

1gb is to low for this.. you can get £15 15GB rolling contracts..

Wait and see if 3 will better this but the mobile companies are taking the proverbial with deals like this.

OR... get a MiFi and stick whatever sim card you like in.


Only an apple fanboy would be stupid enough to think this is a good deal.

Haway man guv, that's a bit sweeping marra.

How about just buying an iPad wifi 16gb for £429 and tethering it via a jail broken iPhone for Internet on the go. No monthly contract (other than for your phone) and save £100 over the cheapest 3G model or over £400 getting ripped off via these new contracts.
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