iPad Air 2 £30 off - now £369 @ KRCS

iPad Air 2 £30 off - now £369 @ KRCS

Found 10th Nov 2014
Been looking to buy one so I checked my local reseller and found they are selling iPad Air 2 with £30 off and discounts on other models. 10% off anything else that is purchased at the same time. Seems a good deal to me.
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A really good deal, not many people discounting the new things yet
Getting really bored of this Apple bashing now. This is a good deal on a new product, regardless of which side of the tablet fence you sit on.
-65c? Are people down voting this because it's Apple or because it's a bad deal?

It's a shame as I thought it was quite good!
Likely because it's just over £350 on amazon at the moment ...
This has not expired, and is active until Monday 1st.
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