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iPad Mini 2 – 16GB – WiFi – White Grade A - £59.99 at The iOutlet

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I'm looking for a replacement device for the little one.

Then I see this one, I order one already, a gamepad, mini ebook. Can't go wrong with the price.

Also Unlimited Screen Repair Cover (+ £29.99),  got that too, as it dropped... most likely the screen with cack, this is ideal for little ones.
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    Whilst this is a good price, be wary of app incompatibility with older versions of iOS. I recently had to part with an iPad mini 1 and an iPad 4 retina as nothing would work i.e. Spotify, Disney+ and various games.

    Apple are no longer offering updates on many of these older devices.
    but I thought apple offer the longers OS updates hahaha !!!!! this is why android's are better my friend. My Nexus tablet from 2012 still working fine
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    Great device back in the day, I’d question if it was up to the job anymore.
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    dont bother with this, a simple youtube app doesnt work either- mine is collecting dust
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    Have one from new, it’s far too outdated now. Don’t bother, save your money.

    fyi, I loved the thing. Used it far more than my current mini.  For some reason, just felt better.  

    anyway avoid.  (edited)
    Was just about to say the same. I wouldn't even touch a mini 4.

    The battery will be dreadful and most apps won't run or work.

    Love iPads, but these older iPad minis suck in many ways.

    Save yourself the pain and anguish. Buy a full size one instead. Still have a older iPad that's still going strong.
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    Is there anyway to force the latest iOS on to it? I’ve searched YouTube but seems to be fakes
    I don’t know, only reason I’m responding. It was getting quite slow on the iOS it was on. As in the keyboard would take time to load, it struggle on websites and games.

    id imagine any newer and it may struggle. (edited)
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    Got one for £24.99 from Envirofone
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    Can these be jailbroke..........is that even still a thing?
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    Great little tablet back in the day but not worth £60 now - too many apps will be outdated and not run.

    Apple do provide updates for a long time - but bear in mind this is a *2013* product and no mainstream tech companies offer support for that long.
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    Got one of these a few years ago from a friend and I generally liked the device as something to watch YouTube/ football streaming on. The screen was good even though the tablet was a little bit slow (understandably). I recall there was a security update that popped up which was just released which was promising however soon after the update the tablet became a brick.

    I started getting ghost touches and after trying to factory reset the device it must have set itself up a pin code when the device was restarting which was caused by ghost touches. I contacted apple to no avail who claimed this 'simply could not happen on their devices due to being secure'.

    Luckily I got my money back from my friend but worth bearing in mind these kinds of issues happen.
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    Waste of money. We have 2 of these are no longer supported by software updates, many apps dont work on them, and their value as part ex is zero.
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    By the way to those suggesting this is ‘unsupported’ by Apple…

    The most recent update was January 2023 so it absolutely still receives updates - but it is limited to iOS 12 due to not being powerful enough for iOS 13 onwards.
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    I have the original iPad 1st gen 64gb, it literally does nothing now apart from play videos, so it's fully loaded with load of kids films for my daughter for the car