ipad mini 32gb retina display=o2

ipad mini 32gb retina display=o2

Found 24th Dec 2014
Received a phone call from o2 this afternoon, i ordered and they they eventually cancelled the order. Today they phoned and offered the ipad 2 mini 32gb at £125 the same price as the previous Samsung deal instead of £279 as listed.Order is not in my account yet but some of you may get a call with this offer in the next few days.
I will post copy of order when its on site.


what was the samsung deal?

Yeah I got the same call today. £125 ipad mini 2 32gb in space grey. Number came up withheld.

£125 no monthly cost? Reckon I could call up and order?

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Try you have nothing to lose, wish i had ordered 2.

This is a very confusing post

I've got a headache


Try you have nothing to lose, wish i had ordered 2.

gave them a call but they didnt know anything about that deal haha oh well.

I just had a call too. I was initially sceptical. However they already most of my details and said these were for those who ordered the Samsung tab but orders were not fulfilled. I tried to be cheeky and asked if I could order two. I was told they would only match the quantity of the original order. Darn it. Its a steal at this price. Ive had email confirmations etc so it all seems legit and a delivery date.

I have ordered but got no confirmation email or nothing as yet. Useless the help on online chat in trying to find order number.


Sounds like a scam maybe??...


Err you've been scammed.

I'd call your bank and try to reverse the payment if I were you.

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Its not a Scam just limited to those who ordered the Samsung tab, however it does give all a basis for the real value in the ipad 2 tab 32gb if o2 can sell to us at this price.

Tried chasing up the order. I don't think o2 customer services know there **** from there elbow. I'm tempted to ring the bank and cancel the pending order.

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Here is my email confirmation it came late last night.
Thanks for placing your order.

Your order number is: ms-4040*****

And here are your order details
1 Apple iPad mini with Retina display Wifi 32GB Space Grey BC 1 O2 Offer
2 Standard Delivery £0.00

VAT Included: £20.83
Total: £125.00

Share and share alike. Refer a friend to O2 and you'll both get a £40
reward to say thanks. To find out more, just go here:


Thanks again for choosing O2.



just had a text confirmation, stating that my order will be delivered tomorrow.

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Mine arrived at 8.20 this morning just cannot figure how to post a photo here taken from my web cam.
it keeps asking for a url and will not let me paste in.
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