iPad stand only £1.00 at poundland

iPad stand only £1.00 at poundland

Found 10th Dec 2012
I think this may have posted before, but definitely nothing for a few months.
I went into Poundland today and bought this folding iPad stand for only £1.00.

Please dont vote cold if you are a non-apple fan - this is a great deal and a brilliant stocking filler!
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They fit an Android Tab too !
will this fit samsung galaxy 2 tab ? hot anyway

will this fit samsung galaxy 2 tab ? hot anyway

I don't have the dimensions to hand but I would have thought so... for £1 its worth a try!
I use one for the new ipad
Excellent for the money
Voted hot..
I've got a few of these and also use them as cookbook stands in the kitchen, good and fold away to keep the place tidy.
Plenty in my local area, voted hot
I have one of these. It is ok if you just want to use the tablet as a digital photo frame. No good if you want to work on it as the tablet kept sliding off as there is no friction between the tablet and the metal of the stand.
I bought one from the 99p shop a few months ago, but wasted my money.
Mine worked well with the £1 silicon case until it snapped tonight...
Are they any good?

I bought one from the 99p shop a few months ago, but wasted my money.


I have one for 99p and it's fine.
there have been three of these signalex stands - the first one (the best) the one pictured and the new one that clamps your ipad in solidly.
Fine for a pound
they're ok - some are slightly bent = wobbly but overall work ok. I used mine for demo stand - there are better but it does the trick...

not really a deal though as they are in stock pretty regularily
Great deal heat added
Spot of sparky tape and it's fixed to my desk nicely... Xoom fits well!
I don't think I'd buy this as a stocking filler as the world and his dog knows that Signalex is a Poundland brand - apart from market stall proprieters of course, who have been known to buy Poundland electronics accessories to sell at a greatly inflated price to the naive. If I put this in a stocking I would expect a disdainful look from the recipient.

This stand doesn't look as snug and secure as the 99p Stores stand that I have; but it will do as an emergency stand if you need to prop your iPad up to watch something.

why?I have one for 99p and it's fine.

Same in the Arkwright household, absolutely nowt wrong it.
If this is the same one that i got, then after 2 years of several hours use every day unbelievably it's still going strong oO
Who would want pound land ****, everything in the store is utter **** x
I hadn't thought about using it as a cookbook stand - that's a brilliant idea - can put it away after so it's clutter free!
Use mine when I'm watching movies on the train. Bargain.
great deal - hot
Wonder if the 99p store has them?
lots of stock at the Pound shop in Nottingham in the victoria centre
Had one two days and it broke!
Had mine over a year using almost daily and it's still fine
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