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iPhone 12 Mini 5G Refurbished 64GB Good £319 / VG - £369 And 128GB Good £369 / VG - £429 ( +£10 PAYG goodbag for new customer) @ giffgaff

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giffgaff refurbished peace of mind:

  • 24-month warranty
  • A more sustainable option
  • 30-point phone health check
  • 80% battery health, or better
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    Look at them on eBay. New costs around £500 worth it for a battery that will last
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    80% battery on excellent/as new is ridiculous frankly - definitely not a good idea unless you want to fork out for a replacement battery. (edited)
    Assuming apple will fit one.. they may refuse if it’s had previous third party repairs
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    After a year usage(not playing games at all on it) am on 88% battery, still didnt upgrade to ios 16.2, dont think the battery will handle new ios so i stayed on 15.7
    Damn.. that’s disappointing. Strong deterrent from buying smaller phones these days unless it’s getting super light use. My 2020 SE needs a new battery it’s barely over 2yrs old and hasn’t been hammered (edited)
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    I wonder if it’s worth getting this over the eBay £430 I’ve just bought. 🫣
    Good luck, hope you get something better than I did - i bought a pristine one from Loop via Backmarket and came with 81% despite guarantee of 85% minimum plsu visible marks on screen (guaranteed to be unmarked) and pinhole in the back - so now waiting for them to refund (and needing to send back way more packaged than when they sent it to me as per their conditions)

    Wont be making that mistake again!
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    Don't buy giffgaff refurb, they're a joke. Bought as new iPhone 12 for my son for Xmas. Stupidly didn't check it before wrapping. Opened on the day and there was a clear ding on the side and the screen didn't work at all. To be fair they refunded it as soon as I returned but no way they checked it properly before selling
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