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iPhone 13 128GB for £558 + £11.50 for 12gb of data (1 Month Contract) £569.50 (Clubcard Price) @ Tesco

£569.50£79228% off
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This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

Choose to buy the phone for the full amount upfront and you'll get it for £558, down from £792.

Must purchase a 1 month rolling contact, cheapest is £11.50 - can then cancel it and voila you've got an iPhone 13 for £569.50.

Thread price was changed during moderation, not sure why - either way, great deal still!
Tesco Mobile More details at Tesco Mobile

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If anyone is having doubts whether you can cancel straight away, see below:

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    Looks good but it says this is a 36month contract and no mention of it being a rolling contract.
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    I've taken this out as it seems to me that you can cancel after the minimum term of one month for the usage, pay off the credit agreement and that's it. I checked over the small print and there is no early termination charges as it is a one month rolling contract, see pic attached. It's not the deal of the century but it is a very decent discount, voted hot. Thanks to the OP, it was timed to perfection for my needs
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    48863274-h1fQO.jpgCould you just pay the £558 upfront cost - it’s in the options (edited)
    You would need to pay at least 1 month SIM tariff also
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    If there is 2 contracts one for the handset and one for the monthly allowance that you can cancel after a month, do you really need to pay the whole amount upfront? From what I can see the handset price is locked in @ £15.49 a month, so could cancel the airtime contract after a month but keep paying for the handset monthly
    Hopefully this settles it…

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    Are we 100% sure it's a 1 month contract and not a 1month rolling contract for your data/mins/texts?E.g your 12GB data rolls over for 1 month but your contract is actually 36 months? Seems to good to be true...
    We rang and spoke to them and they confirmed it - we will pay off once the phones arrive and pay for 1 month contract.
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    Can anyone confirm if there is a credit check?
    My understanding is that whilst a credit check is made, Tesco Mobile only perform 1 and if there is no loan on the handset (because you paid it off immediately) then this is shown as an airtime plan. If you then end your airtime plan within 14 days (within the cooling off period) then the credit check is essentially null and void as the agreement is cancelled. here


    48865724_1.jpg (edited)
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    Hi all. Just to clarify. Confirmation email from Tesco48866959-J3XvN.jpg
    Mine says rolling usage.... I can't get the live chat function to work
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    Do not panic, IPhone 13 128GB is £574 from sky mobile free interest instalment over 24 month.
    You can choose a small plan for £6 per month, I’m not sure if you can cancel the contract but even when you choose 256GB memory is still cheaper than other providers.
    In this situation you do not pay the full amount of £570 to Tesco.

    If you are looking to save money, check some well known refurbished providers to get a mint condition iPhone for less money including warranty.
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    I don't think there is any catch with the contract as it is clearly a discounted price for Clubcard customers, so the deal is correct. But, £569.50 compared to RRP of £749 may be a deal but that is still a big price for iPhone 13 model, which has only a few upgrades from iPhone 12.
    This is cheaper than a brand new iPhone 12 from Apple
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    locked phone?
    no, unlocked
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    Just rang my local Tesco Extra and spoke to the phone shop, they said I wouldn't be able to cancel the SIM after one month and would have to continue to pay for 36 months ?
    I had an online chat and posted them the terms and conditions and after double checking they confirmed you can cancel anytime once the phone is paid for. I have kept the chat just in case of any problems. They said it is indeed a 1 month airtime contract 
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    Looks very good. Cancel the Tesco contract and use you’re own cheap sim instead
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    Great deal, thanks (edited)
    Yeah think it was moderated wrong, I'll update
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    I wanted a screen shot of chat, just to be certain, but was not what I had hoped for!48865111-f1K9R.jpg
    I will avoid this. It looks like we have a 12 months contract after one month ends
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    Silly question...
    So there are 2 contracts... One fur the phone for the phone the other fur the data/talk time.
    I can cancel the data/talk time after the first month.
    However have 36 months to pay off the phone...

    Would that summary be correct?
    It’s the opposite. You can’t cancel the data/talk without paying off the device first. You can do this immediately, or over 12-36 months.
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    When is this expected to be delivered ?
    I think if you order by 4pm then you get it the next day. After then I believe you don't
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    I was going to buy earlier but now gone

    Just to confirm I did this a couple of years ago (£100 on phone and £200 cashback) . No problem with this it is not a mobile phone contract:
    36 months IFC agreement at 0% so no cost when you pay off
    1 month rolling contract for sim
    so no catch

    I did try to post last time but did not explain very well - I made it sound very complicated (unlike OP this time) so mine did not get through moderation
    Not gone, I just bought one!
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    I can’t seem to get any less than 12 months?
    I had issues earlier with this. Where it says “upfront cost”, click change and it will give you the option to pay upfront
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    How can you get this deal if you're not already a Tesco mobile customer, I can't log in just with Clubcard details it asks for a phone number with them?
    That is just your contact number (I know I was confused too)
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    No longer available :/
    Midnight colour is

    Edit: now blue and green... all the colours I don't want (edited)
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    The Blue is still in stock, just tried to purchase, it goes all the way to checkout. Obviously didn't purchase another one having already ordered one last night.
    I did, it doesn't work. "We couldn't verify your details
    Sorry, but we can't complete your order. You haven't been credit checked and no payment has been taken."
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    No you have to keep it til u die
  24. Avatar

    This is what i got told from my chat….
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    IPHONE 13 fair RRP is £749.

    This is at £569.50.

    This deals hotter than the football seats in Qatar Stadium.
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    It's actually £792
    it is not
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    Ditched the dodgy o2 MSE deal and gone for this instead - seems a no brainer! Even if you stay with Tesco airtime, guaranteed NO RPI increases! Woo hoo!
    Exactly my thoughts and what made me avoid the Three and O2 deals
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    Is the handset locked to Tesco ?
    Handsets cannot be locked to networks anymore;)
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    Thanks so much for the deal! I’ve ordered. Sorry if stupid question but how soon can we cancel the 1 month contract and do you have to call them up?
    As it’s a one month contract as soon as the first payment has been taken you could just cancel the direct debit if you wanted to. There’s almost certainly going to be an option to end it in your online Tesco mobile account as well if you don’t fancy speaking to someone.
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    This deal is a nightmare!
    I agree. I spent so much time trying to “give them” £600 and still no luck.
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    It will be useful if members can post their experience related to cancelling of monthly contract go SIM.
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    Heh was wondering when someone would rewrite this deal.

    I’ve stuck the full amount straight onto a credit card. However if you don’t have this option or don’t have a spare £570 laying around, you can still pay for the device over 12 months, around £57 per month or £684 for the year with the 12GB data plan. This is STILL CHEAPER than paying for the phone brand new from elsewhere and you also have a reasonable data plan with it that isn’t subject to any RPI increases.

    Also almost forgot the potential £30 quidco cashback! Not sure if we can still get it if we cancel the contract after a month though but worth a shot. (edited)
    If you can use e-vouchers that would be £27.50 straight away using workplace perks like sodexo
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    There must be a question that people haven’t asked several times
    - read the thread and make your decision - I don’t think there are any definite answers
    apart from you won’t get a 13 pro max for this price!
    Is the Samsung S22 in this deal
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    Wow, jumped on that, thanks for posting, one kid sorted for Christmas.
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    Ordered for the mrs was going to order the same phone this evening from Apple!
    Lovely timing
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    Gonna watch this deal and see what happens when you all try to cancel it to be honest ;-)
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    Brilliant deal- I have a very happy daughter. Almost feel like upgrading from my aging xr myself! Thanks for spotting and sharing
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    Careful here guys. Do your own research before getting tied up here. There is a cooling off period but be aware you may be stuck in a contract. 
    Read the contract says 1 month as long as phone is paid in full ,quite clear to me (edited)
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    I’ve had a order summary email

    Also £25.50 topcashback showing in my recent transactions (edited)
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    Where is the 30£ cashback from Quidco? I can only see 22.5£ on both TCB and Quidco.
    I think you may not be a plus member with TCB? Showing £31.50 for me.
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