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Posted 27 November 2022

iPhone 13 - 12GB data - £26.99pm 36 months Clubcard Price = £971.64 @ Tesco Mobile

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This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

iPhone 13for £569 when you cancel the sim
Tesco Mobile More details at Tesco Mobile
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The deal headline is actually far worse than the real deal here. As I’ve commented below, the terms are clear that you can cancel with 1 month notice as long as the handset is paid off (£558 + £11.50 for one month). Live chat confirmed this is how it works too.

So this should be viewed as a sim free handset purchase for £569.50 - which is an excellent deal.
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    I’ve jumped in on this one. The terms are clear that you can cancel with 1 month notice as long as the handset is paid off (£558 + £11.50 for one month). Live chat confirmed this is how it works too.
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    This looks like a good deal for me , pay off in full £558 and then cancel the 1 month rolling contract ? (edited)
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    I have just read the T&C. Great deal. In effect you are buying the phone for £558 plus one months rolling cost of 12.50 or so. Pay it off like someone said and you have a brand new phone for under £600. Will check this out tomorrow.
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    Hot for me ,not a big user of data (12gb enough for me )here's so much confusion about price rise through the year ,Tesco guarantees you no price rise through the contract and the option of paying the full amount for the device and getting out of contract anytime u like ,i can sleep well knowing i have control over things
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    This is a cracking deal.
    Tesco do not put prices up for the duration of the contract. So it is this price throughout.
    The contract is a flexible 1 month so you can change and cancel at any point (cancelling means you pay off the phone).
    If you just want the phone you can take out this contract and pay the phone off in full for a great discount on RRP.

    I took 2 contracts (one for me and one for the Mrs) and saved another £2 off the monthly price making it £24.99 a month.

    The fact that this is so cold just goes to show that people on this site sometimes judge on the headline price and not the detail.
    How did u manage to get £2 off for the second contract as i cant find anything on their site ?
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    I’ll grab my coat, this is awful!
    Can you explain why? It’s 558 for the phone and a 1 month rolling tariff if I’ve read it right?
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    I find it amazing the different prices companies can offer

    i recently took advantage of Martin Lewis’s iPhone 13 deal. 
    black iPhone 13 128gb with 100gb data on a 24 month contract for £27 a month with £99 upfront on o2. 

    I went on o2 myself and the best they can do for themselves is £54 a month.
    its Probably expired now but that’s a huge difference. 
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    The MSE deal on 3 for 29 a month with 49 upfront is miles better and its 100gb
    Prices go up though.
    Tesco do not put prices up for the duration of the contract.
    This is a cracking deal!
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    I bought 2 of these on Saturday, paid in full for the phone and then a 25Gb contract for 12 months. Iam already with Tesco mobile, so this is an upgrade
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    i see this as a great deal - if you were considering paying outright for a iphone 13 cheapest deals i could get was Costco at £719 !!. I got this for £558 + £12.50. I will cancel in a month and move to a sim only deal. Thanks to original poster.
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    I took the BT deal on the iPhone 13, 128gig, and Lebara deal (15 gig data, £7.90 rolling contract, 94p for 6 months) for a total of £877 over 24 months. (edited)
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    Excellent, iPhone 13 for 558 and then switch to Lebara after 1 month for the 15 gig deal

    Only crap thing with Tesco is that they can't deliver to a different address to the billing address, doh (edited)
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    Hi can someone explain the mechanics of this for me - sorry for being naive

    I take out the 36 month / 12GB deal - but select the pay £558 upfront option + £11.50 for the first 1 month? So i pay £568, right?

    Then after just one month i cancel the contract - do i simply request PAC or do i need to contact them?
    And then i simply move to my prefffered PAYG SIM eg Voxi, Lebara?

    Can someone point me to the T&Cs to confirm??

    This sounds like a bargain...i have been looking for a PAYG Iphone 13 for ages (aiming for blak firday deal) but most are still > £700
    Yes, you pay £569.50 as an initial payment. Once the contract is up and running, you contact them and ask to cancel giving your one month’s notice. You don’t actually need to use the supplied Tesco SIM / number, this can just be kept in a drawer then disposed of after the contract is cancelled - so no need for a PAC or porting out, just pop your existing sim in as soon as you receive the phone.

    I’ve taken a screenshot of the terms below. To generate this yourself, select the full pay up front option, add to basket then scroll down to the save contract info section. The key bit is the contract durations: 0 months for the device and 1 month rolling for the tariff.

    I don’t know whether you can cancel online or need to call them, will figure that out once mine arrives.

    Technically if you don’t need the 1 month bit, I think you could ask for immediate cancellation, and save the VAT plus a further 3% - again I don’t know how this works in practice but it’s about £2 so not a huge deal.

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    I totally agree with above comments.
    The headline cost is misleading. It’s only £971 if you go the entire 36 months, but there js no condition to do this. And no in contract price rises. So unlike the O2 deal that is HOT whichstates £768 but has in contract rises , that should be closer to £1000 over 2 years!
    I had a chat with them today and basically it’s a £558 phone interest free. I myself am happy to go with the airtime contract part for the time being, 12 gb is enough for me. However I did check with the chap on the online chat and you can make extra payments of any amount towards the phone element anytime during the contract, so I’m happy to get Xmas out of the way first. You can’t buy a new iPhone 13 for £558 anywhere 
    Yep i went for the 17.50 contract as this is unlimited with no price rise, so my costs can be managed. Agree nowhere else does a brand new iphone for £558 - you are saving at least £171 off RRP
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    I see it’s been re posted now and is HOT
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    Missed out. Too much dithering
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    Just missed out gutted
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    Just got billed for early termination charge of £222, despite having paid off the phone, the first month's bill, got a PAC which stated £0 early termination charge.

    CS tried to claim that rolling contract only applies to upgrades, if you leave tesco you pay ETC even though my PAC message says no ETC.

    This is scum-like behaviour on their part and they are trying to scam their customers.
    This is exactly the same as what has happened me. I got the final bill through today, haven't had time to contact them yet but it was very clear that the phone was paid for upfront and it was a 1 month sim only deal. Pretty sure I have it screenshot from the time too so I owe them nothing.