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IPhone 13 mini 128gb Refurbished (Very Good) - £430 with code, sold by Loop_Mobile @ eBay

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A bit of a gamble in terms of condition (battery) but this is backed by eBay’s refurb scheme.

Various colours available.
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    I would buy this but concerned about second hand screens affecting viewing quality , battery quality etc.

    It’s £430 for a second hand phone, add in the payg sim contract (£250 over 2 years) = £680 for 2 years which ain’t that great £28/month for a second hand phone.

    So split on what todo !
    After previous deals on iPhone 13 pros where people provided a lot of feedback on condition, battery life, returns, etc. I think we determined that Loop is the official reseller of Apple phones. In other words I don't think you'll ever get a replaced screen, more like these were phones as part of a plan that were returned near the end of the year and exchanged for a newer phone. Many people had some AppleCare left, on top of which since it's official ebay refurbished there's a 12 month warranty and 30 day returns no questions asked. I actually bought a phone, used it for a couple of weeks, then another deal came along that made the phone £50 cheaper than I had paid so I returned it and ordered the same phone again. The new one had slightly better battery life. My refund came through quickly and without question. You could order the phone, try out the screen, and easily return it if you don't like it or have any questions. I also personally like owning it outright and have £10 per month Voxi that gives me more data than I ever use anyway.
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    How does this compare to the SE in size?
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    Touch ID is rubbish compared to Face ID. This is a really good phone at a good price. If you are a heavy user though it’ll be tight if you last the day. (edited)
    I much prefer Touch ID as it always worked in every situation. Face ID works maybe 80% of the time and I constantly have to enter the code instead, for instance it won’t work if your phone is close to your face. Apple should offer both, just put it on the power button or behind the screen like Android.
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    Great value, loop mobile are great too bought off them multiple times. Lowest battery health I had from them was 96%
    How realisable are the screens? This worries me as I’ve never seen an iPhone 13 mini in real life , and could lose quality they send me a crap screen one and I wouldn’t even know
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    I just grabbed iphone 12 mini 64gb for £272 using the same discount code (same ebay seller). My daughters first phone (edited)
    Don't do it. Unless your youngster doesn't have friends and isn't on TikTok, Instagram and Snap, she'll run out of battery by mid day.. This and the original SE have the worst battery life amongst any iPhone. If you're an adult with no social media interest, you may just get away with it.
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    Refurb scheme means nothing. Bought an Apple Watch from loop via eBay and when had trouble with loop and complained to eBay I got no support. Literally pointless and gives you nothing
    Did to manage to resolve it?
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    Only 512GB green left now.
    Item price:
    from £774.00
    -£60.00Discount amount:
    Your price:
    from £714.00
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    If you're a guy and you don't carry a man bag and want a phone to put in your pocket, or even a minimalistic person then this is the best phone ever made! The battery life improvement between the 12 and 13 mini is vast, even if this is well used the battery will last you morning to night easily.
    I love my 13 mini it is so good I want to eat it.
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    Bought the 12 mini recently and this will be my next one. Will never go back to a bigger size phone
    I wanted to love the 13 mini and I tried it for a few months but sadly just couldn't get used to an iPhone. Wish there were decent small android phones and companies realised we don't all want massive tablets in our pockets
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    I recently switched from the 13 Mini to the 13 Pro, buying it from loop, so my wife could have a new phone. I love the pro but every time I pick up her (my previous) phone I am pleasantly shocked at how small and light it is, especially compared to the pro. I’ve even thought how sometimes I wish I could swap between them as needed. It’s a shame they stopped making the mini because it’s plenty powerful, great screen, and so easy to hold, carry, pocket. I recommend it. (edited)
    I went 12 mini to 13 pro, and whilst the phone was absolutely phenomenal - it was like some kind of super computer in your pocket, it was just so heavy and bulky. Switched to the 13 mini best thing I ever did.
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    Thinking should I buy it I need a new phone, the one I’ve got is the iPhone SE 2020 64gb and I’m deleting apps, photos to free up space.
    Completely the same. Spent 2 days debating which iPhone to get, but that’s due to my financial position / assessing assessing and assessing again lol. (edited)
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    I need this in 256 or 512!

    The next SE has to be the Mini but with a fingerprint rather than damn FaceID (edited)
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    Battery life even on the 13 mini for me was poor. Can't imagine how awful the 12 mini was.

    Fair does if you're not a power user as the rest of it is a masterpiece iPhone wise.
    What do you use then?
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    Does anyone know about a good case for this phone?
    Apple Leather Case with MagSafe (for iPhone 13 mini) - Midnight amzn.eu/d/jm6amhZ

    Great case - I paid £24.99 for it a couple of months ago. (edited)
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    19 sold; 6 left.
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    Not great feedback for this seller.
    99.6% positive feedback is pretty good actually, no? 
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    They should just have three models of iPhone. Mini. Normal and Max. All flagship Pro like specs. Only difference is size. Last years 13 Pro model is better than this years 14 non pro models and I bet a lot of customers do not realise this. I’d have gotten the mini if it had pro specs. This Max is too many inches in my hand. 👀
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    128gb all gone
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