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Posted 4 January 2023

Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max - 128GB - All Colours - Unlocked - Refurbished (Good) - £710.99 with code by Music Magpie @ eBay (UK Mainland)

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Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max - 128GB / 256GB / 512GB / 1TB - All Colours - Unlocked

Graphite / Gold / Silver / Sierra Blue / Alpine Green
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    Okay deal but a lot of buyers will be spending that 10% saving on a replacement battery with a minimum guarantee of only 80% on good ones.
    Cost for a battery replacement through Apple rising from £69 to £89 from March too. If anyone is thinking of replacing their battery with Apple, get it done before the end of Feb.
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    I have the alpine green version and it’s stunning also if you go for the alpine green it’s guaranteed to be a bit newer and will have some apple warrenty still as it didn’t come out till 6 months after the initial real ease so should be still under warrenty to feb march 23 and apple cover the phone not the original owner
    Was the blue one released on launch day ?
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    What’s the difference in the 13 and 13 pro?
    The pro has 2gb more ram, a brighter display with 120hz pro motion, better camera and a stainless steel chassis.
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    The 256gb - good condition was £650 with the telegraph10 code like 2 days ago but voted hot anyway
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    got one today with loads of scratches on the screen and not on the body - which is really opposite to what I would want. Battery seems to be 100% - which implies it could have been replaced (possibly to an OEM?? or original if too optimistic). I am planning on returning it as screen is key (edited)
    If the battery has been replaced properly it will say it in the settings general , about , and it says service and parts history
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    The one I ordered the other day just arrived. 256gb. Some scratches to screen, kinda minor, some marks on sides. 99% battery health tho.
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    I just received mine from a previous deal at £679 for the 512gb variant.

    Is 92% battery health any good?
    its better than 91%
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    I don't understand how people are ok paying over £700 for a phone that could have scratches on the screen and a poor battery.
    You have 30 days piece of mind guarantee so can always return it. I always buy last year's iPhone model for a big saving off a reputable ebay seller. Not to everyone's taste, but worth pointing out. See my post below (edited)
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    Great deal BUT ... for a few quid more, I'd go with cheapest_electrical, who on their B and A grade phones almost always have 100% battery and NO scratches. Also they come in original box with original accessories - and correct me if i'm mistaken, the music magpie ones come in a generic box and generic charger and cable
    Thanks. Been looking at cheapest electrical for a while. What’s the returns policy like?
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    I got my iPhone Pro Max 12 earlier this week in a similar deal. Very happy with the purchase. Very few light scuffs on the screen. Everything else is perfect. Battery is 87%. Great phone. It was listed as "good".
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    Always a lottery with refurbished phones but if the battery is above 95% and physically nothing more than a few scratches, then this is hot! (edited)
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    Green out of stock?
    Missed it too I want green one too
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    With what Apple does to the battery software now, I just wouldn't bother buying a used phone again. I remember buying one and fast charge wouldn't work and neither would True Tone or automatic brightness. I agree with Apple for doing this with non genuine parts, but they need to allow software to sync with their servers so people can repair their own phones.
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    One huge advantage of this phone is the battery life is insanely good,best by far that I’ve ever used it lasts me two days with around ten hours screen time over two days before it gets down to 20 percent,but I dont have location or Bluetooth on unless I need it and I don’t have background app refresh on either as it’s fairly pointless waste of energy
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    Music magpie sucks. Ordered a phone from them and returned it. They flat out refused to issue a refund claiming system issue. Had to go through PayPal dispute to force their hand.

    Absolutely shocking for such a big shop on eBay. Avoid at all costs. Be warned if you do buy this phone the warranty is about as useful as a chocolate teapot. (edited)
    I ordered a iPhone X from them a few years ago (eBay store) they sent me a iPhone 8. I took photos started a refund process item was delivered back they never issued a refund asked eBay to step in and they banned my account. My 8 year old account for that matter with over 300 purchases. I only opened 2 cases my whole time on eBay. The first case a month before over a counterfeit football shirt. Must have thought I was too much of a problem buyer and banned me.
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    I just received a 'good' refurbished Iphone 13 Pro from Music Magpie that I bought using the code. The condition is very good with just a couple of scuff marks on the edge of the screen.The battery health is 97%, this is very good, but not completely surprising given that the the Iphone 13 Pro was only launched in September 2021. At most it can only be around 16 Months old.
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