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Posted 11 September 2022

iPhone 14, 128GB, 105GB of 5G Data, unlimited mins and texts with Vodafone via e2save - £360 Up Front / £26pm x 24m - total £984 @ e2save

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This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

£360 upfront and £26 a month. Take away the £849 for the phone if you bought it cash and the contract runs at £5.63 a month which considering you get 105GB of data is pretty darn cheap!

Works out a fair bit cheaper than the iPhone 14 Pro Max that I'm buying, hopefully this helps someone.
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    PHONES10 take £10 from up front cost
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    Bargain indeed compared to the RRP. Technically though HW wise the iPhone 14 does not receive as much upgrade as the Pro. I personally will hold.
    It's an interesting one, on the one hand it looks like a rather pedestrian update. But the A15 in it is the one that was in the 13 Pro and in tests it is anywhere from 10-20% faster depending on the process being run.

    The camera isn't as much of an upgrade as the Pro model, but does include a bigger and brighter main camera sensor. It's also got the Satellite connection that could save someones life one day.

    I guess if you have the 13 there isn't much reason to upgrade, but for anyone else it's a solid phone.
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    doesnt even have the latest chip like the pro and max. apple being apple

    honesty save your money and get a 13 (edited)
    or a 12
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    If you zoom into that new shirt you would see retina 👁
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    can't believe we are at the times where spending £1000 on a phone that's pretty similar than the previous version to be a bargain
    Especially when you can buy phones for as little £200-£300 that do 95% of what this does.
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    Great phone
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    The deal data wise is very good, £850 RRP for the phone is questionable, but it is what it is. Deal is hot if you have to have an iPhone. (edited)
    £849 in uk or $799 in u.s which is £687 rip off
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    Go with Carphone Warehouse and Quidco if you'd like to buy it outright. They got boosted cashback (don't forget to opt-in).

    £45+£30=£75£ (8.83%).

    I see they also give 50£ above trade in value for old phone (edited)
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    Not a bad deal...but you need to take in consideration the RPI increases over the 24 months contract...which is going to be more than 10% each time. The RPI increase applies to the base price. Usually, on these deals, the base price is high and you get a fixed discount to get to £26/month. Just be aware of this
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    Beware of RPI increases. It’s going to be high!
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    If you can find used 13 at a good price then this seems expensive otherwise it is a decent deal. I found my 13 mini at 380 with 5 months warranty remaining. People are selling 13 series for quite cheap as they want to upgrade.
    where di you get this deal? I dont feel comfortable with apple spying anyways
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    Any good deals for 14 pro spotted?
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    Good deal ♨️
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    You can't even get the 13 at this price
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    I bought a 128gb 12 pro max a few months back at the bottom of that market - wanted the screen real estate. Why anyone buys the latest iPhone when it is launched has always been beyond me
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    £30 TopCashback as well
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    So, just to be clear,. you get the phone and all mins & Texts & data, for 2 years, all for £984? Total

    If that's right that rounds like a bargain not to be missed (edited)