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iPhone 14 Refurbished Good / iPhone 14 Plus 128GB Good - £399 / iPhone 14 Pro Max 128GB Good - £499 (+£10 PAYG goodybag 4 new customer)

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About this deal

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iPhone 14 pro max here

giffgaff refurbished peace of mind:

12-month warranty
A more sustainable option
30-point phone health check
80% battery health, or better

Why choose giffgaff?
21-days no quibble returns
Unlocked to any network
Spread the cost with interest free Klarna
giffgaff More details at
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  1. DealHugger's avatar
    Note that iPhone older than gen 15th (including 14th) will NOT receive the newly announced AI features.

    To be more precise
    Apple Intelligence will be available on iPhone 15 Pro, iPhone 15 Pro Max, and iPad and Mac with M1 and later
    apple.com/new…ac/ (edited)
    doobyduck's avatar
    Thanks. That’s good to know. Shame as 14 surely capable.
  2. RollOnFriday's avatar
    I have heard some horror stories from people who have bought these refurbished phones from giffgaff…ranging from bad to terrible. Has anyone has a good experience with them, “good” seems to the highest risk of all of them (appreciate the price reflects this)
    sigarner's avatar
    I got a “good” iPhone 15 pro max, the website said the screen would have no damage but it came heavily scratched. They sent me a replacement which was exactly the same, so I got my money back. I’d only go for as new personally
  3. somy69pk's avatar
    Wouldn't touch giffgaff refurbished phones..Bought two Samsung flip 4 phones off them..Both phones stopped working after 3 months due to faulty screen and they never honoured warranty, claimed customer damage while there was no damage whatsoever by us..Fraudster..Non existent customer service, no phone number, only email and the repair centre is a third party who seems to mark everything as damaged by customer...Inwould suggest anyone to do an online feedback research before buying anything from this company...
  4. ReesyBae's avatar
    They need to rename their “Good” condition to “Test your luck” condition! 

    None of the “good condition” phones I’ve bought from here have been in a good condition…
  5. pakisauras's avatar
    Str8 heat🔥
    ReesyBae's avatar
    In pride month!? 
  6. zayf's avatar
    bought an iphone 13 pro from them last month, it was listed as good but arrived in terrible condition and wouldnt even charge from the cable. had to use wireless charger.
    Loyalty_'s avatar
    Did you return it, cos that what I would do lol
  7. tranceazure's avatar
    Ordered the 14 pro max couple hours ago you can get 15 quid Quidco also,it’s a good price if it comes in decent condition
  8. Ammar.Naqvi's avatar
    This is a great deal. Just ordered the 14 pro max; touch under £20 a month with £25 down for 24 months interest-free. It's in "good" condition so fingers crossed it's not too bad. Upgrading from the X so a worthy jump.
  9. tranceazure's avatar
    I recently got a good condition iPhone SE 3 and it had 100 percent battery health and one tiny mark on the top edge,who knows what this pro max will be like but I’ve taken the risk and if its bed it will go back
  10. Peter221's avatar
    If anyone gets this please let me know the condition it arrives in so I'll know if it's worth getting for myself.
    sajidtg's avatar
    21 days free return.
    Just order one - you can return without any issue for full refund.
  11. tallman43's avatar
    I would hold off if you want the new AI (Apple intelligence ) apparently its only coming to iPhone 15 pro and above later this year.

    If you are not bothered by this then knock your socks off.
  12. farzana.ali's avatar
    Keep getting issue with card payment
  13. jb82jrp8cj's avatar
    Deep purple colour left only for the pro max
  14. RachyZ's avatar
    Gone for the 14 pro max, thanks!
  15. clogg's avatar
    Would recommend checking backmarket for refurbs, got my iPhone 13 Pro there a few months ago and have been very happy with its quality and value
  16. J257's avatar
    Wouldn't recommend giff gaff, quality is normally poorer than described.
  17. Deca's avatar
    Definitely luck of the draw. I bought a green 13 pro max good condition previously. Received with 95% ish battery health and immaculate condition but then had an issue with the signal on the phone. Returned under warranty and received one with 100% battery health in immaculate condition.
  18. inanity's avatar
    Unfortunately I share the same sentiments as others on giffgaff. Purchased several phones from them now and had to send most back. The last iPhone I bought from them looked perfect (cosmetically) but the second you turned it on against the white screen when the phone turned on, it suffered from terrible screen burn. Got my money back but the whole process of returning it and getting money back took a good week or so. Really just simply not worth the hassle.
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