iPhone 3GS, Free Handset - From £18.50 per month @ O2

iPhone 3GS, Free Handset - From £18.50 per month @ O2

Found 27th Apr 2011
Just recommended this to my housemate, seems like a very good deal as vodafone and orange have similar deals yet the handset costs over 100 pounds and here it is free.


This is free because it's the old model!

How long is the contract?

where? its 21.50 for 24 months and thats with no internet

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I'm aware it's the old model but compare the prices for one everywhere else and you will see it's a good deal. It uses the iphone 4 OS and doesn't have the silly antenna problems. MacGuyver it's 24 months and swafe you change it, 100mb a month £18.50 and 500mb a monthe £21.50. By the way I don't own anything apple and don't intend to I just thought it was a good deal when I came across it while browsing for phones for my housemate

100mb is nothing! Wouldn't suggest anyone gets an iPhone with that tarif

pmsl i get more than that on prepay

24 months contract and £21.50/month? No way I am gonna sign up for it as by the time after 24 months, Apple will be releasing iPhone 7 or 8 and 3GS will be a completely obsolete technology.

LOL michael jackson....

who would vote this crap hot lol 3gs a 3g with wings,utter crap ,u can get a htc fro 20 notes nowadays and orange are even doing iphone 4 for 25 notes month,all crap deals aswell.an 100 mb or 500mb is no way enough,i use my jailbroken iphone 4 and on average hit 2 gb on my unlimited allowance, iphone 4 is best out there but still its abloody joke for prices an tarrif,i got sim free an use my old contract in it to get around the stupid tarrif rip off,cold cold cold even if it came with free toaster and lap dances
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